Public Humiliation Diet ~ Day 162

Steak-Umm… Mmmmm those wonderful chopped and reformed “beef” steaks. It is beef, I guess, ’cause that’s what it says on the box…


In order for it to be really good, however, ya have to put a little effort into preparing it. Like cook it with a little Montreal Steak Seasoning, butter and Worcestershire sauce!

Three steaks on a hoagie bun with mayo and pepper jack cheese and BAM!


Steak-umm-gasm! It’s what was for dinner tonight!

Note Bernie in the background… never far from the food!

Other than the occasional slipup like this, I’m still keeping a pretty close eye on what I eat. Smaller portions is key. Hell, I had steak dinner last week and brought half of it home in a box! That’s the ticket…

Anyway, I weighed in at 193 pounds this morning… that’s 38 pounds lost since day one!

Unfortunately, since I haven’t gotten to the gym, the man boobs may still exist when we arrive at the beach in 11 days… Maybe I’ll go pushup crazy until then…

…. at least I shouldn’t get any harpoons tossed my way!

Until next time…

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