Hey Cletus… Dat Dere Drag Racin’ Girl is Nekkid!

For those of you who don’t know, ESPN the Magazine runs an issue called “The Body Issue” in which they highlight various athletes in different levels of undress…

I believe it’s ESPN’s way of somehow trying to compete with CNN/Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, which is impossible! SI puts out stuff like this….

Cintia Dicker NippleCintia Dicker Ass

And this…


See… Both of those women, Cintia Dicker & Danica Patrick are hot ass models… nothing more!

Oh gosh! Here’s one more of Cintia… because I find her incredibly adorable!

Cintia Dicker Nipple

Now ESPN deals only with athletes in their Body Issue… Like this one…

Hope Solo with my hose

That’s bat shit crazy Hope Solo…. USA soccer player. Or this dude…

That’s Atlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson…

Obviously, ESPN’s offerings aren’t as appealing because we’re dealing with athletes here, not pure models.

Well I believe the next Body Issue, coming out next Friday, July 12th, is gonna be rather appealing! Why?

Because it will be featuring Courtney Force, the National Hot Rod Associations 7th ranked funny car driver… She does this…

A lot of people don’t realize how much these drivers have to train to be able to wheel these cars. Here is a little bit of Courtney’s training regimen…

Between rounds, she spends as much time with fans as possible…

My girls, Courtney & Alexis

My girls, Courtney & Alexis

…you don’t get that kind of attention from models who claim to be race car drivers, like Danica Patrick…

Anyway, like I said, Courtney’s gonna be in The Body Issue. She’s gonna be naked, too! Or partially naked… does it really matter?

The thing that’s important here folks, is that she is an excellent athlete and a really good driver. I may be sensationalizing her up coming nudity here, but I have a ton of respect for her…

She said she passed on doing this photo shoot last year because she wanted to establish herself as a driver first, which she has by winning 3 of 34 races since her debut last year. And, yes, she’s currently 7th place in funny car points this year.

Courtney posted a “teaser” video last week of the photo shoot. Unfortunately, they showed nothing except her in an ESPN bath robe…

Courtney Robe

Oh well… guess we gotta wait ’til next Friday…

Enjoy your Independence Day, everyone!

2 responses to “Hey Cletus… Dat Dere Drag Racin’ Girl is Nekkid!

  1. Yeah, ESPN deals with “athletes” only, so you hype up Courtney Force, who does nothing athletic in her job at all.

    By the way, they settled for CF because Danica keeps turning them down.


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