Public Humiliation Diet ~ Day 192

Whopper with cheese

I’ve been doing so well with my portion control lately… for months actually! I’ve been kinda pissed off the last few days, so yesterday I succumbed to my appetite.

On my way home for lunch I forgot about the turkey sandwich I had planned and, instead, stopped at Burger King for a Whopper with cheese meal. It was delightful! I tore that shit up… but only ate about a third of the fries if that matters!

I think I’m gonna be alright, though! One day ain’t gonna ruin all my progress… Hell, I ate quite a bit while on vacation for a week in Myrtle Beach, but made up for it with a lot of walking and flopping around in the Atlantic!

This morning.. I weighed in at 187 pounds, down 44 pounds from when I started this!

I’m now 7 pounds away from lifting weights, hard, to get back to 200 pounds on muscle!

Look out ladies!

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One response to “Public Humiliation Diet ~ Day 192

  1. Brenda Edwards

    Good for you. I know first hand how difficult the weight loss challenge can be. I’m on your side, as always. . . . Love

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