Woo Hoo! Browns 2013 Training Camp has Begun!

FINALLY… I’m getting real football news via twitter! Cleveland started training camp Thursday! I was complaining that all the practices are at 4:00, but I’m beginning to think that’s an ideal time!

On any given day at work, I’ve made most of my calls by 4:00 pm, so I feel less guilty firing up Twitter then.

I want to get my pre-season thoughts and player projections out there now and in the next few days. I’m even gonna predict our record! Guess I’ve got my sassy pants on right now, folks!

Anyway… here we go!

~ Overall Training Camp Thoughts ~

I believe training camp has become a sissyfest. Whenever a union is involved, the product becomes diluted. Such is the case with the NFL. All the players are union workers under the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). Well, under the collective bargaining agreement between the NFLPA and the league, the number of practices, intensity of practices (ie. pads & contact) and length of practices have been defined…

BASICALLY… high school football players now practice more and harder than NFL players. High school has two-a-days… mostly in full pads… Cleveland doesn’t! NFL teams can’t because of the CBA! That’s bullshit! I believe, at the very least, if you play football at any level you should practice all the time and wear pads at all times… just to get the feel of them and get used to the extra weight. Ya don’t necessarily have to go maximum speed with full contact!

But the players union limits the amount of contact in training camp. I believe that promotes injuries in the pre-season and regular season games… I’m just a software salesman, however, so what do I know?

~ Pre-Season Thoughts… Who To Watch For on Offense ~

Running back Trent Richardson…

T-Rich 2013

I’ve heard too many calling this guy fragile… C’mon people… dude was a rookie last year, had his knee scoped before the pre-season and as soon as he recovered from that, got multiple ribs busted early on in the regular season… he still ran for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns; had another 367 receiving yards and a TD.

Also remember who was calling the plays for Trent… Pat Fucking Shurmer! He ran Trent up the middle like 70% of the time. Running backs gain yards in space and up the middle is not in space…

I figure T-Rich will run for around 1,500 yards this year and cross the goal line 17 times… He’s also gonna catch the ball out of the backfield to the tune of another 600 yards and 5 TDs…

Quarterback Brandon Weeden…

BW3 2013

I’m a Brandon Weeden fan. I don’t miss Colt McCoy and I don’t believe Jason Campbell is an answer for us.

See, the same dolt who screwed up T-Rich by running him up the middle, Pat Fucking Shurmer, used Weeden improperly last year. When Weeden was breaking records at Oklahome State, he was doing it from the shotgun… like 125% of the time.

In today’s NFL, most QBs are working out of the shotgun… almost 70% of the time. Last year, Weeden was in the shotgun only 40% of the time. That’s damn near least in the league.

That’s all about to change since the Browns hired Norv Turner as their offensive coordinator. Norv and head coach Rob Chudzinski are installing a shotgun offense as we speak!

I see Weeden throwing for close to 5,000 yards this season. 30 touchdowns isn’t unrealistic at all, in my opinion.

Tight end Jordan Cameron…

Jordan Cameron

Tight end is yet another position that Pat Fucking Shurmer didn’t comprehend. Jordan Cameron had 20 receptions for 226 yards and a single touchdown in 14 games last year. Horrible!

Norv Turner knows tight ends. Anybody ever hear of Antonio Gates? At 6’5″ Cameron is an inch taller and a bit lighter. He’ll break out big time this season under the new offense!

I can see him catching 50 passes for around 600 yards this season… 7 touchdowns isn’t out of the question.

Wide receiver Travis Benjamin…

Travis Benjamin2013

Travis is my “little guy” pick to have a breakout season this year! He’s 5’10 and 174 pounds… and the fastest player on the team. He’s like Philly’s DeSean Jackson, only without the diva. Again, he will benefit from Turner and Chudzinski’s vertical passing game. As long as he doesn’t get bumped crushed at the line of scrimmage by a bigger cornerback and gets some separation, dude’s gonna be dangerous. Fun Travis Benjamin fact: He missed a couple games last year and was listed on the injury report having “general soreness.” That’s a little guy problem… hope he stays healthy this year!

Talking about the offensive line is boring… but future Hall of Fame left tackle Joe Thomas returns to protect Weeden’s blind side. As does Alex Mack at center. I hope the rest of the 6’3″ plus 300 pounders do their jobs to create a clean pocket so Weeden can throw some bombs!

Next time we meet… DEFENSE!

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