DAMN… Horrible Racing News…


Thankfully, nobody died, though Tony Stewart tried to last week at a sprint car race in Canadia…

Dudes crazy…

I’ve heard the last couple weeks about NASCAR wrapping up its TV deals. The impression I got was that NASCAR dumped TNT and ESPN and signed a multi year deal with NBC… Apparently, that’s not the case…

ESPN walked away from NASCAR so they could dedicate more coverage to Patriot’s roster spot filler, Tim Tebow. Oh… I’m just kidding… ESPN kicked NASCAR to the curb because they, “Had soured on the sport because of declining TV ratings, an aging fan base and a tough ad sales market.”

Oh fuck you ESPN… You only give a shit about NASCAR if someone dies… otherwise, your coverage is horrible.

And Turner… I’ll still watch CSI re-runs on your irrelevant channel. That’s what you’re good for…You can’t afford NASCAR!

The other big racing news this week is that Ford is gonna pull out of NHRA sponsorship after the 2014 season…

That’s gonna affect John Force Racing, to the tune of $10 Million a year… the only major Ford team in NHRA, which is horrible. Also affected will be Bob Tasca, Tim Wilkerson in funny car and Larry Morgan in Pro Stock.

John Force

John Force Racing, winning 17 of the last 21 funny car championships, is more iconic in drag racing than Richard Petty was in NASCAR. Why? BecauseĀ Force still drives, still wins and still competes at a championship level. And his two daughters — Courtney Force in Funny Car and Brittany, a rookie in Top Fuel — are competing and rapidly becoming stars of the sport.

So fuck you Ford… the best “bang for your buck” is in the NHRA…

Rumor has it that Force could switch manufacturers… If he leaves Ford, I leave Force Racing. Sorry… I’m loyal to Ford and won’t support a team from another manufacturer… many others like me will do the same…

His other option is to switch to a top fuel dragster, like his daughter Brittany… I’ll remain a fan, though it won’t be the same, because he’s a funny car icon…


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