Damn… It’s Only Preseason Folks!

I was really excited to watch some football, so I watched the first half of the Hall of Fame game last night between the Cowboys and the Dolphins.

Prior to the contest I was wondering if we’d get to see Carrie Underwood’s game intro; hoping to see lots of her legs… since she’s replacing Faith hill. That did not happen. They did a little mention of Carrie and showed her singing into the mic, but no shots of her fantastic legs…

Carrie Underwood NBC

See… I wasn’t the only one thinkin’ it! Oh well… I’ll try to be patient.

Anyway, after thirty minutes of preseason football, reality set in. That stuff was horrible! But it’s horrible for a number of reasons…

  1. Some veterans on both teams sat out.
  2. Veterans who did play… played safe to not get injured.
  3. MOST rookies played their asses off, maybe hoping for a roster spot.
  4. NEITHER team game plans for a preseason game.
  5. Offenses used a really slimmed down play book.
  6. Any domination at the end of the games is by a bunch of dudes who will eventually be cut.

Preseason football is merely practice. It means nothing from a win-loss standpoint. Remember the 2008 Detroit Lions? Yeah… they won all four of their preseason games! They finished that season 0-16…

But I fell into the preseason trap this morning. While emailing one of my friends about last night’s game, I basically said I wasn’t worried about the Browns playing Miami in week 1, because they didn’t look too good…

Neither team looked good last night! And Cleveland might look like dogshit Thursday night when the Rams come to town. Or they might light shit up… again… it doesn’t matter, because it’s practice.

Oh… ya know what really pisses me off? Browns fans who listen to training camp reports and base their opinions on ’em…

Have you people even been to camp? I go every year… and will be going this Sunday! Training camp can only be described, by me at least, as controlled chaos! 11 vs. 11s, 7 vs. 7s, starters vs. starters, 2nds mixed in with starters… It’s crazy! There are four outside fields at Browns camp and a lot of shit going on most times.

So if Brandon Weeden throws a pick… is that on him or the defense? Do you know what situation the coaches were running? No you don’t!

And if Weeden throws a TD… again, is that on him or the defense?

It’s training camp, folks… half the time they’re playing in their pajamas shorts and t-shirts, and when they’re in pads, contact is minimal!

Cleveland is not game planning for St. Louis this Thursday. They’re game planning for Miami on September 8th. That’s when everything counts.

When I hear people calling future Hall of Fame running back, Trent Richardson, a pussy when he’s been held out of practice to keep him fresh, I get sorta pissed, because the same people said he should sit all preseason…

Y’all can’t have it both ways..

More bitching, later…. so stay tuned!

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