Going to Browns Training Camp Today!

I got sorta sidetracked yesterday when I sat down to write about Thursday’s preseason game between the Browns and Rams. I wanted to compare what I was looking for to what actually happened.

So here goes…

Weeden vs. Rams

QB Brandon Weeden looked really good! Yeah… he looked at his receivers, but he didn’t stare ’em down and telegraph his passes. He went 10 of 13 for 112 yards and led two scoring drives. The first was a field goal and the second was a 2 yard touchdown bullet to Dion Lewis.

TE Jordan Cameron was 50/50 Weeden threw a bullet to him that he deflected straight in the air… thankfully WR Greg Little was there to grab the pass. Cameron redeemed himself, however, after grabbing a short pass and turning upfield for 30 yards; helping to set up a touchdown a few plays later.

Dion Lewis

That touchdown was the aforementioned 2 yard bullet to RB Dion Lewis. I believe we ripped off the Eagles to get this kid! From a running standpoint, he wasn’t very impressive but, remember, the Browns were using a very limited playbook and ran him between the tackles, so he only had like 12 yards off 5 carries. On special teams, he had a 31 yard kickoff return, and he had a few nice catches out of the backfield, one being the TD. He’s gonna be a great RB2 behind Trent Richardson!

Travis Benjamin vs. Rams TD

Little guy WR Travis Benjamin was limited to a 12 yard catch from backup QB Campbell in the second quarter. Prior to that, though, he had a nice 91 yard punt return for a TD.

On defense… Nothing really noteworthy here, except that our defense is awesome! Mind you, defensive coordinator kept up the pressure and didn’t even show the new 3-4 that much.

Rookie OLB Barkevious Mingo…


… is gonna be an absolute stud! He’s fast, smart and strong! He had a special teams tackle and a sack that was nullified by a penalty… but dude’s all over the field and will be a nice backup behind my boy, Jabaal Sheard…

Jabaal vs rams

Jabaal seems to have nicely made the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker in this new 3-4!

Overall, I was really impressed with this team, even though it was only a practice game against what appeared to be a horrible Rams team. We’ll see what happens this Thursday when the Lions come to town.

One thing I did hear about was QB1 Brandon Weeden’s post game interview. He said, “The communication was clear…” Ya know what that means? Pat Fucking Shurmer is gone and Norv Turner is a competent offensive coordinator! I like to hear that shit!

Anyway… I’m going to training camp in a couple hours to see for myself what’s going on in Berea. I’m pretty excited to go see some Browns practice!

Expect an update soon!

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