Oh I’m Gonna Combine Forces with my Ex Wife…

Bernie cat

Yeah… I just said that, but check this out…

Today was my company picnic and my ex wife has the girls this weekend, but was kind enough to let me pick them up so I could take them with me.

When I stopped by to pick up the girls, their neighbor called me over to talk with her. She started complaining about shit that a normal neighbor couldn’t care less about…

But these neighbors are bat shit crazy. They hate kids. They hate dogs. I don’t think they even like other people. They lead miserable lives; their intention is to ruin everyone else’s fun… they call the cops because of kids having fun. They call the cops because of fires.

Now… when I used to live there, I would kiss their asses just to keep the peace and all was fine. I’m a salesman and know how to deal with different people in different ways. But now that I’m gone my ex wife, who is Italian and pretty bull headed, struggles to get along with these people.

Anyway… as our divorce was progressing, I gave my ex extra time to take over the house to decrease the turbulence with the kids, because I don’t want them to have to move again. I’ll never force their Mom to have to move them…

Well.. today, this neighbor lady pointed out the fact that my name is still on a bunch of stuff related to the house and pretty much implied that she might sue ME if it comes down to it. REALLY? For what, exactly? If ya wanna fight, lady, let’s fight! I’ll kick your pudgy ass in court, bitch! When my kids are involved… ya don’t wanna mess with me! YOU WILL LOSE!

So… my ex and I are gonna start working with these people to smooth things over with these idiots…

I’ll keep y’all posted on how things go…


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