Sad Racing News….

No… Nobody died, thank God. But three time NASCAR Champ, Tony Stewart, won’t be participating in the final 13 races this year.

Tony Stewart Tubby

See, Tony broke his leg back on August 5th in a sprint car race. Actually he broke both bones in his lower right leg. This required two surgeries, one resulting in a metal rod being inserted somewhere. He was initially only going to miss a few weeks it seemed, but today it was announced he’s done for the season.

Now I’m not particularly a Stewart fan, but I DO like to watch the dude drive and I love his terrible, whiny attitude.  He’ll be replaced for 12 of the races by the hilarious 54 year old Mark Martin, whose twitter description reads like this:

My best friend is my wife. I love my family, racing, lifting weights, flying jets. Gucci Mane my favorite Rapper. My schedule, swag, and info is on

That’s just an odd fit… old southern boy from Arkansas and Gucci Mane…

My boy Austin Dillon will drive Stewart’s car at Talladega, because Mark Martin doesn’t like that place! I’m looking forward to Mark driving. I was a big fan when he raced Fords…

Speaking of Ford… In other horrifying racing news, Ford is pulling it’s sponsorship out of the NHRA after the 2014 season. They were spending about $10 Million a year, the majority of it on John Force Racing. I think it’s a bad decision on Ford’s part. John Force shills his sponsors better than anybody in any sport. He’s had Ford backing for 16 years. During that time, John won 9 championships and two of his drivers, Tony Pedregon and Robert Hight won championships as well driving “Mustangs.”

SO FUCK YOU FORD! John Force Racing delivers you 11 championships and you just wanna walk away? No wonder I’m driving a Volkswagen… y’all piss me off!

Now John Force has to find sponsors. I can see Toyota throwing a bunch of money at him…

I’m loyal to a fault, folks, and will not be a John Force fan if he switches to a Toyota Camry.

I’ll always be a fan of his daughter, Courtney, if she continues to do photo shoots like this:

Courtney Force Parachute


Courtney Force Naked


Courtney Force Gas Can

…. Who doesn’t enjoy naked women?

2 responses to “Sad Racing News….

  1. Dafuq, Ford no longer sponsoring NHRA racing is old news. It’s a financial decision, Ford is still in a tight spot after the recession. Unlike GM they didn’t have a 50+ billion bailout, (and by the way, that 5 or so billion Ford got from the DOE, that was for investing in alternatively-fueled vehicles only). But even with the bailout GM hasn’t been a sponsor of NHRA racing. Ford is the only manufacturer to sell Top Fuel Racing parts. Mopar may sponsor NHRA but they don’t build or sell any parts. Ford Racing built a 500 CI 8000+ horse Funny Car/Top Fuel engine. Other engines are built completely separate from the big 3 ( and by the way, they have no relation to the old 426 Hemi.)

    I understand Ford’s decision, all though it is going to be sad, and I hope they can return to sponsorship a year or a couple down the road. They’ll still sell Ford racing parts.

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