Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow!

Browns Dolphins

Here we go again folks! Another Browns season is upon us and the Miami Dolphins are comin’ in to town tomorrow to kick things off!

FUCK! I don’t know what to expect! I keep going back and forth; first I’m confident, then I’m unsure. Well I’m gonna try to sort things out right here, maybe make myself feel less nauseous.

Here’s what I’m confident about:

Our defense is tough and will be a problem for teams all year IF defensive coordinator Ray Horton sticks to his plan of putting a lot of pressure on QBs. I’m hopin’ OLBs Jabaal Sheard & Paul Kruger turn out to be the badasses I think they are.

At ILB we’ve got the leader of this defense, D’Qwell Jackson, who is a beast, tutoring Craig Robertson, who flies all over the field and makes some nice plays. I’ve got faith in these two dudes…

Our defensive line is comprised of some perennial badasses with Desmond Bryant, Phil Taylor and Ahtyba Rubin… I’m not really worried about them except for the usual durability concerns.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’m confident about. You’ll notice I mentioned nothing about the offense. There are just too many unanswered questions there…

Will RB Trent Richardson be the bruising back I’m hoping he’ll be?

Will the knowledge and experience of offensive coordinator Norv Turner translate to QB Brandon Weeden so he can somehow execute?

Will the WRs finally start to actually catch the fuckin’ football?

There’s something that pisses me off… I don’t understand why blatant drops by receivers are charged to the QB as incomplete passes. Somehow the WRs stats should be dinged if the ball bounces off their fucking hands, not the QB.

Also, I’m sick of people saying that Weeden throws the ball too hard. His job is to throw it, the WRs jobs are to catch it… Seems pretty simple to me! I don’t wanna hear about “touch” where short passes are concerned.

I’m not entirely impressed with this Dolphins team coming to town. Yeah, they went 7-9 last year vs. the Browns 5-11 season, but Miami plays the horrible Jets and Bills twice a year in the AFC East, whereas the Browns gotta play the Ravens and Steelers twice a year.

In other words, I’m saying the Browns’ AFC North is a tougher division than the Dolphins’ AFC East!

Let’s face it… the two QBs tomorrow are pretty even as far as stats go, but I believe, ultimately, Weeden is a better QB than Tannehill. That may be the only difference necessary for a Browns win tomorrow.

I guess we shall see what happens tomorrow…



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