Monday Moanin’ ~ Players Have Short Memories… Fans Never Forget!

Alright… Weeden had a bad game. It happens to ALL QBs at some point in a season. He’ll dust himself off and prepare for Baltimore next week. I just wish Cleveland fans can let it go.

I started writing this post yesterday and I wrote the above paragraph then. I have since changed my mind… More on Brandon Fuckin’ Weeden in a bit…

YES… it woulda been nice to win week one for once. This loss broke my heart; but I ain’t surprised now, looking back at it.

What I liked…

Our defense held Miami to 20 rushing yards on 23 total attempts. That’s .9 yards per carry. 32 inches per carry. That’s fantastic!

Future Hall of Fame shut down cornerback, Joe Haden, effectively shut down elite WR Mike Wallace, limiting him to one catch for 15 yards.

Four sacks on Ryan Tannehill. Two of ’em by Desmond Bryant. That guy’s a beast!

TE Jordan Cameron…

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

… 9 catches for 108 yards and our only TD.

That’s about all I liked. Now… what pissed me off…

Brandon Fuckin’ Weeden is horrible. Look, man, the pocket is gonna collapse and you’re gonna have to ad lib. This is what REAL NFL QBs do… step up in the pocket and make a throw.

I watched 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick look absolutely studly yesterday. When shit wasn’t going well for him, he made due… and kicked ass..

But, no, you freak out and run around in the backfield and make horrible throws.

And Coach Chudzinski… Why the hell would you effectively shut down RB Trent Richardson after he started off so well in our first possession? Ya let me down man… or was that you, Norv? Either way, what the fuck?

I’m just pissed! Yeah… I’ll still support this team but, damn, it hurts…


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