More John Force Racing News….


Here are some snippets from THIS article. It’s more horrible racing news to go with what I mentioned a few weeks ago about John Force Racing.

JFR is losing about $8 million in sponsorship money from Ford when they pull out of the nitro cars after next season; they’ve been a sponsor for 16 years. That’s 40% of JFR’s annual budget. Castrol motor oil is also leaving him. They’ve been a sponsor for 29 years!

He may switch from a funny car to a dragster, which I can tolerate. The problem, for me as a Ford fan, is Team Force won’t be driving “Mustangs” come 2015. Chevrolet, Toyota, and Dodge are still in the sport, so if he remains in a funny car, he’ll be in one of those, as well as his daughter, Courtney and son-in-law, Robert Hight. My guess is it’ll be Toyota. Yuck!

Will I now have to break up with Team Force? I dunno just yet. Right now I feel like I’ll stick around, but you’ll never hear me cheer for Toyota… just the money they’ll pump into the team!

Now John Force isn’t gonna just sit back and wait for what happens next.

He’s gonna be proactive and do a few things here… One is start another reality show since his last one, Driving Force, did pretty well.

This quote made me feel sorta sad, though…

I’m on the market again. For the first time since I got into this sport, I’m a free agent. Let’s see if my name can keep my businesses alive.

…so he hired a couple marketing firms that will begin the search for sponsors to replace Ford & Castrol.

I’m certain John Force Racing will be just fine… I just don’t believe a team that has won 17 of the last 21 funny car championships couldn’t be. Hell, all three JFR funny cars are in the NHRA “playoffs” this year, so they have a nice shot at #18!

If all else fails, Courtney could do more nude photo shoots…

Courtney Force Naked on Tire

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