NASCAR is Officially Dead to Me…

Clint Spin

I’ve been watching a lot less NASCAR lately, primarily because it’s become so vanilla.

Before Earnhardt Sr. died like twelve years ago, drivers would beat and bang on each other to win a race. It seems like since then, all these drivers are pussies anymore… they all whine about contact…

Well, the pussification of NASCAR has reached a new high and caused me to want to turn in my fan card.

Let me try to set this up for you in a way you can understand it. NASCAR’s TV ratings and attendance at races sharply drop from September on when the NFL season begins. This is not surprising…

Well back in 2004 they devised “The Chase”; ultimately a 10 race “playoff” chase to the championship. The results of the first 26 races (keep that in mind) determine who will be in The Chase. The top 10 drivers in points are locked in at the conclusion of the 26th race. In it’s current format, The Chase also allows two “wild card” spots to make it twelve drivers competing for the championship. These “wild card” spots are filled by the two drivers, outside the top ten in points, who have the most “regular season” wins… See all the NFL jargon in that paragraph? Cracks me up!

Well, apparently, teams were “cheating” last Saturday night at Richmond and they were able to affect the outcome of the race. OH, like that’s the first time THAT has ever happened. Richmond was the 26th and final race of the regular season.

Here’s where it may get confusing…

1. With seven laps to go last Saturday, the top nine lock in spots had been determined and the eleventh wild card spot had already been clinched by Kasey Kahne.

2. Clint Bowyer of Michael Waltrip Racing intentionally spun his car to bring out a caution. At that moment, Ryan Newman was leading the race and prolly on his way to win it, which would get him in the twelfth wild card spot.

3. Under caution, Newman’s team was slow in the pits. They lost a couple positions, ultimately finishing third.

4. This all allowed Bowyer’s teammate, Martin Truex Jr., to tie Ryan Newman in points for that twelfth wild card spot. Truex won the tiebreaker (more top fives) and was in The Chase.

What about that tenth lock in spot, based only on regular season points? Joey Logano needed one point, that’s one position on the track, to clinch it. Well, Joey and David Gilliland’s (not a contender) teams cut a deal in those final laps. David gave up that position to Joey and he was in The Chase.

Alright, The Chase is set! Wait… what? Nope… not at all.

Check out this video… they talk about the controversial spin starting around the 1:00 mark.

You can also hear Bowyer’s spotter letting him know it’s time to spin out..

NASCAR collected all the video and communications between the teams and after determining the spin was intentional, CAME DOWN HARD on Michael Waltrip Racing’s Bowyer and Truex. They deducted 50 points apiece from them and fined MWR $300,000. The point deduction knocked Truex out of The Chase and Newman was back in. I agree with this…

YAY! NOW The Chase is set! Wait… what? Nope… not at all.

Here’s where it gets really fucked up…

Yesterday, NASCAR CEO, Brian France, had a press conference in which he announced he added Jeff Gordon as the 13th driver in The Chase.

Why? Why change the rules now? Gordon hasn’t been relevant in over a decade.

The little deal between Logano and Gilliland to get Logano IN… left whiny little bitch Jeff Gordon OUT of The Chase… By 1 point!

Whiny bitch #2, Rick Hendrick, owner of Jeff’s car, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne, came out at one point saying Jeff was robbed. Fuck that!

Had Jeff finished 6th instead of 8th last week. He’s in. Why make it all about the final race, though?

Had Jeff driven better in the OTHER 25 RACES and, ya know, maybe won one of ’em. He’s in.

Let’s not forget how much Hendrick Motorsports teams cheat. Just Google search “Jimmie Johnson cheating.” And I seem to recall Dale Jr. intentionally spinning to bring out a caution at one point; just too lazy right now to look it up.

For NASCAR to just hand Gordon a chance to race for the championship is total bullshit. I don’t anticipate watching a race ever again.

One response to “NASCAR is Officially Dead to Me…

  1. The easy answer is to say Gordon and Newman should’ve ran better in the first 25 races so that they wouldn’t be in that position – I’m sure both drivers did not want to be in that position, but the sports is very competitive. And at the same time, you could say the same about Truex Jr. and Logano – if they ran better in the first 25 races, then their teams wouldn’t have had to manipulate the results. So who really deserved it?

    Both Gordon and Newman did earn their spots in the Chase with 7 laps to go or whatever it was – fair and square. Ryan Newman had the race won, and Jeff Gordon overcame being a lap down from early struggles and a pit miscue – they fought back and were running a solid 7th I believe. Both were admirable performance that (seemingly) earned them a place in the Chase.

    And then of course we all know what happened. We had a team intentionally spin to create a caution and team orders to be passed.

    That’s just to paint the moral dilemma of the situation – it was not the easy white/black decision you make it out to be. Personally, I am glad NASCAR actually did something to make a point and discourage this sort of racing in the future. Kicking Truex Jr. out of the Chase and ultimately leading to NAPA leaving and the dissolving of the entire 56 team was an extraordinary blowback that nobody could’ve saw coming. I’m used to NASCAR turning a blind eye and not doing anything and that’s what I expected……but nobody can ignore the ramifications of what happened at Richmond in 2013.

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