What to Watch Instead of NASCAR…

As I prepare to be disappointed by the Browns in a little while, I’m also looking forward to some motorsports tonight. I’m not talking about NASCAR because fuck NASCAR

I’m talking about NHRA drag racing, where there are true superstars! The women in drag racing are awesome too! NASCAR calls their woman…

Danica Makeup

… a superstar, but she’s a total bust! She’s 27th in points, right behind Denny Hamlin, who missed 4 races due to a back injury, and just ahead of a bunch of drivers who didn’t run all the races. In other words, shes the absolute worst of NASCAR’s full time drivers…

In the NHRA, however, we have Courtney Force…

Courtney Force & Alexis

Courtney took time to give Alexis her autograph, then take this picture with her.

… who runs with the best of ’em. She’s seventh in Funny Car points and a contender to win the championship. Not just a pretty face here. Courtney is a fierce competitor!

Then we have Courtney’s sister, Brittany…

Brittany Force Dragster

… who, while also a fierce competitor, didn’t make it into the Top Fuel Dragster 6 race “playoff” in her freshman year. I believe Brittany’s got what it takes to be a champ some day. Hell, it’s in her blood!

In Pro Stock is Erica Enders-Stevens…

Erica Enders First Win

…. she’s freakin’ awesome… unfortunately, she had some sponsor issues this year and missed a couple races because of it. But she’s 9th in points and contending for the Pro Stock championship. I used to fast forward through Pro Stock because, to me at least, it’s a boring class. Now I watch it because of Erica. Hopefully her sponsors stay with her, because she’s a great driver and she deserves it!

The only problem I have with NHRA drag racing is the TV coverage. Because Sunday eliminations take about six hours to complete, the footage is aired tape delayed. The reason why is because there is a lot of down time during the day. Cars blow up, the track needs to be cleaned and prepped between rounds.

So today’s race from Charlotte won’t air until 8:30 tonight. That means I need to avoid Twitter and Facebook all day so I don’t see spoilers!




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