Not Really Freaking Out about Today…

Brian Hoyer

Why should I? What’s the point? Watching football is supposed to be my escape from the challenges of real life. Getting all stressed out about today’s Browns matchup at the Minnesota Vikings would be counter productive!

I will DVR the game today… got too much going on with the girlies to be able to sit down and watch it live. My little one has to be at a birthday party at kickoff time and my middle daughter has a soccer game at 2:30, which she has to be present for by 2:00 or earlier!

I guess now is as good a time as any to bitch about my daughter’s soccer coaching staff. Last time I complained about soccer coaches, someone stumbled across my blog post and whined about it. I received a nasty email from my ex wife and ultimately deleted the “offending” post and offered an apology.

Not this time, however…

My middle daughter is 13, as are most of the girls on her team. They have one 70 minute game a week for 8 weeks but two, 2 hour practices a week… But those practices aren’t just two hours… the coaches want the girls there 15 minutes early to warm up, and release them about 15 minutes after practice ends… 5:45 to 8:15 in other words… Those practices are on school nights, by the way, so homework is affected..

I understand soccer is a commitment. She’s been playing for 7 years, so we know how it goes. Be nice if these dudes would ease up just a bit, especially since the girls are in school now. Oh yeah, and the remaining 4 games are right in the middle of Browns games!

I will focus on Brooke’s soccer and worry about the Browns game later!

I won’t worry about how good, or bad, Brian Hoyer is at QB.

I won’t worry about if Willis McGahee is any good as a Trent Richardson replacement. McGahee is better on paper, though 10 years older!

I won’t have to watch live as passes bounce off Greg Little’s hands. Oh wait, Josh Gordon is back from his drug suspension today. We might actually have a passing game today!

I have Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson going in Fantasy Football…. obviously against my Browns! How do I not check my Yahoo!? Must…Wait..

I will watch the Colts at 49ers game this afternoon. Just curious to see how Trent Richardson does running for the Colts. It’s sorta like wanting to see how happy your ex girlfriend is with the new dude she’s banging!

Enjoy your Sunday, folks. GO BROWNS!

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