Monday Moanin’ ~ WOW… Did You Guys See That?

Brian Hoyer Minn.

Holy shit… HOLY SHIT… did the Browns look great yesterday or what?

I’ll admit that I was all bent outta shape on Wednesday when we traded RB Trent Richardson to the Colts. I’ll admit that I thought we were throwing in the towel this season, only to be concerned about next May’s raft.

But boy, oh boy, was I wrong!

Okay…. now it’s time to calm down, Greg. They looked bad at times too… There was hot and cold on both sides of the ball.

Let me start with the offense. The return of WR Josh Gordon was HUGE. Dudes a stud for sure… 10 catches for 146 yards and a TD… just needs to keep passing drug tests!

There was a bit of a snowball effect with the offense. As Gordon was producing, the Vikings DBs started to cheat towards him, this gave WR Davone Bess some opportunities underneath. He had a couple drops, but he also converted a couple key 3rd downs.

Also a stud? TE Jordan Cameron…

Jordan Cameron TD

… It’s been said more than once how much I like my Caucasian TEs! Remember Steve Heiden? Yeah… loved him too! Three games into the season, and Cameron is tied for 10th in the league for receiving yards; also tied for 1st for receiving TDs at 4! Prior to the start of the season, I predicted Jordan Cameron would have 50 catches for around 600 yards this season and 7 TDs. Check this out… He’s on pace to catch 106 passes for 1,434 yards and 21 touchdowns!! Will that happen? Not a chance, because defenses will now pay more attention to him… I’m just being positive!

In that picture above…. QB1, Brandon Fucking Weeden, misses on that pass…

That brings me to QB3, Brian Hoyer, who was on the other end of all this offensive production. He had a decent stat line I suppose.. 30 of 54 for 321 yards and three TDs. He looked great in the pocket… stepped up and made throws when the pocket collapsed, got rid of the ball quickly. He had a nice touch on the ball too. I always blast WRs for dropping the ball when it’s thrown too hard by the QB. I always say, “It’s the QB’s job to throw and the WR’s job to catch…” But screw that… if the QB is good enough to take something off the ball to make it more catchable, that’s how it should be!

Oh yeah, Hoyer also threw three picks. One was caused by a Vikings D lineman whacking his arm as he threw… That shit happens, especially when the offense is backed up  to their 5 yardline. This turnover allowed the Vikings to put up a TD and tie the game at 24.

The other two picks were just stupid throws that Hoyer obviously would’ve loved to have back. Good thing about those picks is the defense came through to bail him out.

On to defense now… After Hoyer’s first stupid pick, the Vikings went seven plays and then my boy, Jabaal Sheard, strip sacked Vikings QB Christian Ponder, recovered by Craig Robertson.

This led to Hoyer’s second stupid interception thrown on the next series…

Vikings run two running plays with Adrian Peterson and D’Qwell Jackson punches the ball out on the second and it’s recovered by Jabaal! We did nothing with it… just wanted to illustrate how the defense came through when it really counted.

Yeah, the defense allowed the Vikings to march down the field for their first possession and RB Adrian Peterson to score a TD… Peterson had 7 carries for 28 yards including that TD. After that, however, this Browns defense held Peterson to 18 carries for 60 yards the rest of the game; or 3.3 yards a carry….

Adrian Peterson Dejected

… a very Trent Richardson-ish performance.

Speaking of T-Rich… I believe he averaged 2.7 yards a carry yesterday for Indy after scoring an easy TD on his first touch. Yep… 13 carries for 35 yards.

Anyway, this Browns defense is good! Before tonight’s Broncos/Raiders game, Cleveland is the 8th ranked team against the run and 13th against the pass…. tied for third with twelve sacks….!!!!

LB Bark Mingo looks like he’s gonna be a fantastic football player… Paul Kruger is a stud. Front three kicked ass!

Special Teams? Holy shit were they hot yesterday! Fake punt for 34 yards… Spencer Lanning throws a TD to Jordan Cameron on a fake FG. Wow! My little dude, Travis Benjamin, muffed a punt, then had a nice runback in which we got to see his ass…


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