Not Really Freaking Out about Today’s Game ~ Cincy at Cleveland!

I dunno, I keep going back and forth. The Bengals look like a decent team, but they were victorious against the shitty 0-3 Steelers and 0-3 Packers… lost to the 3-0 Bears. That makes for a combined 3-6 record for Bengals opponents…

Cleveland got beat up by the now 3-0 Dolphins and lost to the 2-1 Ravens in a kinda close one.. Last week the Brownies beat the now 0-3 Vikings in the last minute of the game, giving Cleveland first three opponents a 5-4 record.

What does that all mean… On paper we’ve faced a couple tougher opponents than the Bengals. In reality it means dogshit! I jus like looking at those stats to make me feel more confident about the game!

Oh… in totally unrelated news, I went to lunch at Panini’s in Brunswick yesterday and saw this…


… holy shit, I almost blew a loa was really excited! The Shelby Cobra is my #1 favorite car of all time!!! I’m assuming most, if not all of these, are Cobra replicas; you can buy a kit and assemble the car yourself. Classic Cobras are super expensive to get your hands on, especially after their creator, Carroll Shelby passed away last year. I did confirm that one of them is a replica… If ya click on the above picture to embiggen it and check out the license plate on the red on second from the left, it reads FAUXBRA… That’s awesome! Anyway, beautiful cars!

Alright… back to football. I read the other day that the Bengals defensive secondary is dinged up… If they start a couple 2nd stringers back there, WR Josh Gordon might just have a chance to gash them, or at least help to open up some more stuff underneath for WR Davone Bess. Thinking of that, I bet Bess scores a TD today!

RB Willis McGahee promised to run for more than 8 yards today… Woo hoo, then 15 it is! I have no faith in our running game, and it’s not because T-Rich was traded to Indy, it’s just that they mostly try to run right up the middle. Let’s see some trickery in the running game fellas! Maybe a couple screen passes??

From a defensive standpoint, we’ve done a great job at stopping the run, so I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about Bengals QB Andy Dalton having too much time to find WR A.J. Green! I have no doubt Joe Haden can cover Green, but that only lasts for so long.

That means our defense needs to get a lot of pressure on Dalton. With stud OLB Jabaal Sheard out today, look for a big dose of Barkevious Mingo filling in! I like that kid… he’s fast and strong & I think he can be a game changer.

Bark Mingo

Today will be a big test for Browns QB Brian Hoyer. Last week he had a great first half, a shitty second half, and a beautiful drive to win the game. Dude needs to be consistent and not make those stupid throws that get picked. We shall see!



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