Monday Moanin’ ~ Browns 17 Bengals 6!!!!!

What could I possibly have to complain about after Cleveland’s dominating win over Cincinnati?

Our kicker… Billy Fucking Cundiff! Dude missed a 37 yard field goal that woulda put us up 10-3 early in the second quarter. Then he missed a 49 yarder to close out the first half. I dunno… apparently that one was tipped by the Bengals, but I’m blaming his chokey ass regardless. We shoulda been up 13-3 going into the locker room. Rumor has it he has a nagging hamstring issue. Well fuck that… take some HGH, Billy, put your big boy football pants on and kick some field goals…

See, this is where I’m somewhat flawed as a Browns fan. I shouldn’t have to rely on our kicker to produce points, but I had gotten so used to it because the offense couldn’t score touchdowns. Well all of that has changed these past couple weeks and QB Brian Hoyer is a big reason for that!

Hoyer under pressure

Look how confident he looks, knowing he’s about to be blasted! I hate to get too excited about this offense, because I’m not used to being excited. I’m used to being nauseous.

To be honest, Hoyer looks like a smart QB. Yeah, he was hot and cold last week against Minnesota, but yesterday he looked really good.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER….. I’m in no way comparing Brian Hoyer to Peyton Manning, because that dudes on a freakin’ historical roll right now, but I saw how everyone was so impressed about Manning not having to worry about 3rd down conversions, because he converted on 2nd down.

Hoyer converted two second downs on his first touchdown scoring drive, which went for 95 yards. He converted a first and second down in his late touchdown scoring drive…

All I’m really saying here is that we could be on to something with this kid… he went 25 of 38 for 269 yards spread over 7 receivers, producing those two TDs.

Other thoughts on offense…

TE Jordan Cameron continues to be a badass, with 10 catches for 91 yards and a TD yesterday…

WR Josh Gordon kept on producing with 4 catches for 71 yards..

I still don’t miss RB Trent Richardson being traded to Indy. New RB Willis McGahee did what he needed to do yesterday to help us secure the win.


Damn am I excited about this defense! They are as aggressive as defensive coordinator Ray Horton promised that they would be! After four games, Cleveland is 6th in the league for total yards against the run. They are 1st in the league in allowing only 2.9 yards per carry! As far as pass defense goes, we’re 11th in passing yards allowed, but 2nd in yards per attempt at 5.9…

Numbers aside… our defense is STOUT!

OLB Barkevious Mingo is looking better every week…

Bark Mingo Sack

… and will only get better!

The defensive backfield looks pretty awesome as well! Future Hall of Fame CB Joe Haden pretty much man handled Bengals WR A.J. Green all day. even on a couple gains, Joe kicked A.J.’s ass!

Hell, Cleveland DB Tashaun Gipson, who isn’t mentioned very much, had a pretty good game…

Tashaun Gipson big hit

… dislodging a big hit from a Bengals TE…

Our defense is gonna make a huge difference this year!!

Now I gotta go watch Monday Night Football..

Talk to y’all soon!




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