My Thoughts on this Current Government Shutdown…


I really don’t like writing about politics on here. Politics are so damn ugly and have the potential to mar this beautiful website; I’d rather talk about sexy stuff like exotic dancers, or NFL football or hot girls driving 10,000 HP funny cars…

I’m gonna start with a football analogy. Last year the Cleveland Browns were an inept football team. Couldn’t run… couldn’t pass… Was it necessarily because of the players? I don’t believe so. Cleveland had a horrible coaching staff…. Head coach Pat Fucking Shurmer didn’t know how to make his team work together; he forced his system onto the athletes instead of playing to their strengths. The result? A shitty team with shitty results…

It was a lack of good leadership that killed the Browns the last year and years before…

Let’s talk politics now…

On January 20th of 2009, the ultimate douchebag, Barack Fucking Hussein Fucking Obama, took office as the President of this wonderful country. Shit’s gone downhill since then…

He’s got a team, 535 members of Congress, that he couldn’t manage if his life, or this country, depended on it. His job is to make that team work together, yet he forces his system onto all of ’em. Special interests are lifted up, while common interests are crushed. What we have is a shitty team with shitty results….

The democrats blame the republicans and vice versa. It’s a vicious cycle when none of them have a real leader. The result is a government shutdown.

Fucking Obama will continue to blame Congress for his shortfalls as a leader….

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