Woo Hoo ~ Bills @ Browns… PRIME TIME!

Night Shot

I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about this game. I said yesterday I was concerned about the Indians, as Cleveland teams don’t do well in the spotlight, and they lost to Tampa Bay 4-0; their season is over…

Speaking of baseball, and I’m sorry baseball fans but, in my opinion, that shit is boring. It is exciting when a team scores, like by hitting a home run or batting in runners, neither of which the Indians could do yesterday. I guess being there live would be more exciting, but I saw all the Indians fans at the game, after Tampa Bay went up 3-0… not a lot of happiness there.

Well, the Browns season is just starting to roll; we’re now 2-2, and tied for 1st in the AFC North, after two horrible losses by a Brandon Weeden/Trent Richardson led team, followed by two nice wins by a Brian Hoyer/Josh Gordon/Jordan Cameron led team.

Not sure what to think of this matchup with Buffalo, so naturally I look at some stats to see if something stands out. Here’s what I found:


Buffalo has the 15th ranked offense in the league based on total yards. Their strength is running the ball with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller. Jackson tweaked his knee Sunday, but says he’s good to go tonight. Spiller’s ankle is hurting him and he won’t decide if he’s playing until he gets to the stadium and tries some running. QB EJ Manuel is a rookie QB who doesn’t look horrible. Completes 57% of his passes and has 5 TDs and 3 INT in 4 games.

Cleveland has the 24th ranked offense in the league based on total yards. Believe it or not, passing is our strength…

And I don’t want to hear about us trading away RB Trent Richardson to Indy any more. He’s the 22nd ranked RB in the league for rushing yards. He’s 39th in the league for yards per carry at 3.1… He’s NOT a star and wasn’t ever our best player. Everyone’s gonna be soooo happy come May when we have Indy’s 1st round pick!

Browns QB Brian Hoyer looked great Sunday, after a sorta crappy second half against Minnesota the previous week. He’s completed about 60% of his passes and thrown 5 TDs and 3 INTs… in those two games.


Buffalo has the 28th ranked defense in terms of total yards put up against them…. most of those yards came via the air, so they’re decent against the run.

Cleveland is the 4th ranked defense! You read that right! Our defense is stout, especially against the run. Last week though, we defended the pass pretty well too!


If Cleveland can shut down Buffalo’s bruised up running backs, and I’m sure they can, I believe they’ll force their young QB to make some mistakes throwing! Maybe future Hall of Fame, shut down CB, Joe Haden will finally get his first pick six!

But then our offense needs to score some more TDs! While Buffalo’s secondary is dinged up, their front 7 ain’t no joke! I expect a lot of pressure on Hoyer tonight… dudes gonna have to get rid of the ball fast and make some good decisions. He showed he’s capable of that Sunday against Cincinnati.

And if Buffalo’s defensive strength is against the run, THE JOKE WILL BE ON THEM, ¬†because we have no running game! But maybe we will tonight…

I’m looking for RB Chris Ogbonnaya to have a big game tonight, on the ground AND through the air…

Chris Ogbonnaya


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