Josh Gordon Bills

Ha ha! Just kidding! Trust me, though, there are stupid Browns fans who believe that we are now Super Bowl contenders. I am not one of those Browns fans!

Playoff contender? Maybe… I wouldn’t rule it out just yet. Someone’s gotta win the AFC North and after last night’s victory over Buffalo, Cleveland sits on top at 3-2.

What about the three other AFC North teams? Cincinnati is at 2-2 but will be bitch slapped by Tom Brady and the Patriots Sunday and go to 2-3. Pick machine Joe Flacco and the 2-2 Ravens go to Miami to play a pretty solid Dolphins team. I say Baltimore gets the L and also moves to 2-3.

Pittsburgh looks like absolute dog shit this year and owns the bottom spot in the AFC North at 0-4.

Roethlisberger London

Oh shit did it feel good to write that sentence! I actually deleted and rewrote it four times!

Pittsburgh has their bye this week, so at least you Steelers fans won’t have to cry into your terrible towels until October 13th, when the Jets will beat them up!

I’ve got some thoughts I’d like to share about last night’s game…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “This Browns defense ain’t no joke!” We got two sacks on E.J. Manuel, then two more on Buffalo’s horrible backup QB, Jeff Tuel, after Manuel suffered a knee injury..

Oh yeah, on that E.J. Manuel injury: Browns S Tashaun Gipson didn’t cheap shot him. That hit was a result of the whole NFL/concussion thing… Gipson ain’t gonna hit him high and risk getting flagged and/or fined, so he went low… And besides that, Manuel shoulda just ran outta bounds!

Speaking of running out of bounds to avoid a shredded knee… I feel so bad for Browns QB Brian Hoyer. He grew up in North Olmsted, graduated from St. Ignatius in Cleveland and his dream was always to one day be the Browns starting QB. Sounds like a nightmare to me! However, he got to that level, looked good for a couple games and then performed a failed slide last night in which his knees buckled underneath him and his right ACL took a shit… He’s done for the season.

I have to say that QB Brandon Weeden came in and played pretty well after he got into a rhythm. Dude scared the shit outta me at the start, though…

On special teams, little guy WR, Travis Benjamin, was a real stud!

T-Benj Punt return

He returned seven punts for a total of 179 yards, setting a Browns single game record. One return led to a field goal, another was a 79 yard TD, pictured above! I love that kid!

Buffalo cut that punter this morning! Funny!

Moving forward? If Cleveland wants to continue to win games, offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, needs to somehow adjust the offense to fit QB Brandon Weeden’s style, which is the slowest pass release in the league… Right now, I dunno how that’s possible as I have no faith in Weeden.

We shall see… GO BROWNS!


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