Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Browns at Packers!

Weeden Face

I didn’t take the time to complain about the Browns 31-17 loss to the Lions last week. So here goes….

My fear of Lions QB Matt Stafford was justified, as he went 25/43 for 248 yards, threw FOUR TOUCHDOWNS and an interception!

My fear of Browns QB Brandon Fucking Weeden was justified, as he went 26/43 for 292 yards, threw 2 touchdowns and TWO MORE INTERCEPTIONS!

Detroit scored a TD after Weeden’s second pick. Cleveland went 3 and out after intercepting Stafford. THAT’S what Cleveland is good at… 3 and outs! Or short drives then punts or picks… Of Cleveland’s 12 possessions last week, 7 of them were 5 plays or less; 5 punts and two picks.

I believe Cleveland has a top 5 defense, but when the offense can’t stay on the field for more than a couple minutes, the defense gets freakin’ tired!

Oh well… we’re now 3-3 going into tomorrow’s game at Lambeau Field. We face another elite QB in Aaron Rodgers…

Aaron Rodgers Destiny Newton

… who, when not putting up big numbers, is pulling down bikinis in the surf!

Green Bay has the 8th ranked total offense in the league thus far, compared to Cleveland’s 21st ranking. Green Bay has the 7th ranked total defense; Cleveland is #9.

Does that mean this will be a defensive battle? Gosh I hope so! ‘Cause we ain’t got no offense with Brandon Fucking Weeden leading the way!

Hey Brandon… there’s this TE on your team, 6’5″ 254 pound Jordan Cameron. Dude’s a stud! Ya might wanna target him more tomorrow than you did last week.

Green Bay has some young WRs starting tomorrow because of injuries.

We have a chance if we can continue to shut down the running game and force Rodgers to try to make plays with his inexperienced WRs.

Anyway… GO BROWNS!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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