Not Really Freakin’ Out about Today ~ Browns at Chiefs!

“You are what your record says you are.” ~ Legendary coach Bill Parcells


Congratulations, then, to the Kansas City Chiefs! They are currently 7-0; the only undefeated team in the NFL! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed, especially since they’re coming off a 2-14 season last year!

Let’s take a few minutes and relive the Chiefs “dominating” season thus far:

  • Week 1 ~ They absolutely crush Jacksonville 28-2. Chiefs defense records 6 sacks on a horrible Blaine Gabbert. Jacksonville still hasn’t won a game this season and are now 0-7.. Garbage win for the Chiefs.
  • Week 2 ~ Close game against the then 1-0 Cowboys. Kansas City comes out on top 17-16. Dallas is the only over .500 team the Chiefs will beat this year so far. Dallas is now 4-3
  • Week 3 ~ Chiefs go to Philly to play the 1-1 Eagles. Michael Vick is a pick machine… one of his picks goes to Eric Berry for six and the Eagles never recover. Chiefs win 26-16. Philly is now 3-4
  • Week 4 ~ The 0-3 Giants go to Arrowhead Stadium to play the 3-0 Chiefs. Giants QB Eli Manning is horrible, only throwing one TD to WR Victor Cruz. Giants are now 1-6. Nobody says the Giants are a good team. This is another garbage win by Kansas City. I think this is the last game that Chiefs QB Alex Smith threw a TD, by the way.
  • Week 5 ~ Chiefs go to Tennessee… Defensive TD, couple field foals, a Jamaal Charles TD and a couple more Ryan Succop FGs and the Chiefs win 26-17 over Titans backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Titans are now 3-4.
  • Week 6 ~ Oakland Raiders go to Kansas City and lose 24-7. Chiefs QB Alex Smith does little in the win as two of their scores are by RB Jamaal Charles, one is a FG by Succop and another is a Hussain Abdullah defensive pick six. Kansas City sacks Oakland QB Terelle Pryor 9 times during the game! Raiders are 2-4.
  • Last week ~ Texans go to Kansas City and lose 16-17. Houston’s QB Case Keenum gave Kansas City’s defense a run for their money, however, going 15 of 25 for 271 yards and a TD. They do sack Keenum 5 times, though. Chiefs offense capitalizes on a RB Charles short run, an Alex Smith 5 yard TD run and short Succop fieldgoal. Texans are now 2-5.

And the Chiefs are 7-0… over teams who have a combined 15-33 record; or .313. Kansas City has only played one team that is at or over .500; the Cowboys. QB Alex Smith hasn’t thrown a TD since September 29th. Paper tigers anyone?

Outside of the Cowboys, the Cleveland Browns are probably one of the toughest teams the Chiefs will play so far this year; whose opponents are a combined 23-23 or .500…

Brian Hoyer Brandon Weeden Jason Campbell is today’s Browns QB. People say he sucks, so here is his career stat line:

Eight years… 78 games… 1,329 of 2,186 for 14,688 yards. That’s a 60.8 completion percentage and 6.3 yards per attempt.. 76 TDs and 52 picks. An 82.4 QB rating. Campbell’s been sacked 153 times.

And his opponent today, Alex Smith?

Seven years… 87 games…1,435 of 2,427 for 15,850 yards. That’s a 59.1 completion percentage and 6.0 yards per attempt. 88 TDs and 67 picks. A 79.2 QB rating. Smith’s been sacked 214 times.

So don’t say Campbell’s a slouch… he’s pretty much equal with Alex Smith except for throwing 12 less TDs and 15 less picks in 9 less games… Problem is, he hasn’t started a regular season game since November 19th as a Chicago Bear; a loss to San Francisco.

What do the Browns need to do today to win this game?


Get some pressure on Chiefs QB Smith. Defensive coordinator Ray Horton has promised a different defense this week.. and going forward. Let’s BLITZ fellas! Our linebackers gotta play today, and look for passes across the middle, where Chiefs QB Smith is the strongest. I see a Craig Robertson pick six today! Oh yeah… and stop RB Jamaaaal Charles, or slow him dawn. Dude’s the third best back in the league for rushing yards with 561; also has 36 catches for 337 yards. He’s also fumbled 3 times, so go get him D’Qwell!


Score! That’s it. Campbell needs to stretch the field; air it out to WR Gordon, Benjamin or TE Cameron… 3 and outs have been killing us and we need to string together some 10+ play drives to keep the defense strong. I’d also like to see WR Davone Bess (not drop) catch some shit over the middle… If WR Greg Little comes into play, I’ll take that as icing on the cake! Also…. balance that shit out! Run Willis McGahee ’til his knees explode! If ya show pass all day this Chiefs defense is gonna eat us up!

I think we’ve got a chance! GO BROWNS!!!

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