What to Watch Today Instead of NASCAR!

A couple months ago, I became pissed off at NASCAR and stopped watching it because they added Jeff Gordon to “The Chase” merely because they felt like it. *cough* *cough* MERCHANDISE SALES!

Well, after NOT racing his way into the NASCAR “playoffs” Gordon is currently third in points behind Ford to Toyota traitor Matt Kenseth and perennial cheater Jimmie Johnson.

To be honest, if I were to see Rick Hendrick (owner of perennial cheater Jimmie Johnson, whiny bitch Jeff Gordon, that girl Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the lovable Kasey Kahne), I’d punch him in the throat, then kick him a bunch of times while he’s writhing in pain on the ground. FUCK YOU Rick Hendrick for blowing the NASCAR France family to turn stock car racing into the WWE…

Meanwhile, the other girl in NASCAR, Danica Patrick, is still sold as a “super star” even though she sucks as a driver… She’s currently 28th in points, six spots behind Juan Pablo Montoya, who got fired for being a horrible driver. She’s four spots behind Denny Hamlin, who missed a month because of a broken back and only 30 points ahead of Mark Martin, who’s only participated on 25 of this year’s 33 races.

But she has a fantastic ass…


… Yeah…let’s keep calling her a “super star….”

Instead of watching stupid NASCAR around 3:00, y’all should check out the end of the Chiefs/Bills game. Maybe the Chiefs will finally lose one? Prolly not, though, considering that Buffalo is starting a no name QB in Jeff Tuel!

Even better? Check out the Ravens @ Browns game starting at 4:25 EST. Cleveland is gonna beat the Ravens for the first time in 6 years!

I think I even saw figure skating on today. But NASCAR? No! Don’t watch it!

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