Monday Moanin’ ~ Browns 24, Ravens 18

Jason Campbell

Man… First play from scrimmage and the Browns offensive line (Lauvao & Schwartz I’m talkin’ to you!) goes porous, allowing a Baltimore sack for a five yard loss on Jason Campbell…

Here we go again… This game is gonna suck…

That first drive ended, unsurprisingly, in a three and out. Baltimore goes three and out on their first drive, however, with Buster Skrine inadvertently busting up a deep pass from Flacco on 3rd and 5.

Ravens punt…

Browns QB Campbell then puts together a nice 8 play 80 yard drive, resulting in a short TD to last week’s goat, Davone Bess. Remarkable on that drive were a nice catch in traffic by Greg Fucking Little who ran well after the catch for 32 yards, and a beautiful throw from Campbell to Josh Gordon for 27 more. Oh yeah… we also have a bad ass coach in Rob Chudzinski who isn’t afraid to play football on 4th down. That short TD to Bess was on 4th and 1 from Baltimore’s 1. Why kick field goals when ya can score TDs? Nice job of holding onto the ball, by the way, Davone!

Browns up 7-0! At this point, Jason Campbell has gone 5 of 7 for 68 yards and a TD!

Baltimore returns fire with a long drive of their own, resulting in a 51 yard field goal. 7-3 Browns!

Then it got scary…

On the third play of the Browns third drive, Campbell was sacked again, but Raven’s 6’4″ 340 pound Haloti Ngata landed on him at the end of the play, essentially smashing him! Campbell was replaced by Brandon Fucking Weeden at QB…

I do not boo players; it’s disrespectful. Brandon Weeden was booed as he took the field and I disagree with that. Browns fans need to support the team on the field. Anyway, Weeden derped around for a few plays and we had to punt…

Thankfully, Campbell returned to the game after Baltimore went three and out again…

Alright, no more play by play.

After Campbell’s return, he went 18 of 28 for another 194 yards and two more touchdowns; with bruised ribs, no less. I respect that toughness!

Cleveland’s defense was, once again, BAD ASS as we sacked Flacco 5 times… three times forcing punts! We also shut down Ravens RB Ray Rice which is great, though it helped me to lose at fantasy football this week!

I was hoping to see big games from WR Gordon and TE Cameron; assuming great production from them would result in a Browns win… funny how football works, those dudes get covered up and Greg Little & Davone Bess have great games… That just means Cleveland is doing some stuff right!

Just sucks that Cleveland is off this week! Oh well… I’m a Ravens fan for the next 6 days… more on that later…!



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