Public Humiliation Diet ~ Day 298. Done Dieting!

Big King

A couple weeks ago I was talking with my eldest daughter, who works at Burger King, about this awesome sandwich they had years ago called the Big King. It was a copy of the Big Mac and it was delightful because Burger King’s burgers are way better than McDonalds. They only had it for a limited time and in select markets.

Last Saturday, my daughter texts me: Remember how you were telling me BK copied the Big Mac? We’ll have that burger next week haha!

HOLY SHIT was I excited! I could hardly control myself Tuesday while waiting to go to lunch ’cause I was gonna get me a Big King!

It was good great heavenly!

Don’t get me wrong, folks, I don’t eat fast food very often as I’ve largely sworn it off since January. Occasionally, though, I’ll fall off the wagon and eat the low grade stuff. It tastes so good but damn does it mess with my innards!

I’m now done with fast food… yeah, I loved my Big King… yeah, I bought my coworkers McDonalds breakfast this morning…

The other day I weighed in at 173 pounds, however, so now it’s time to stop losing weight!

Now’s the time to dust off and put my old nutrition plan into motion and get back to the gym so I can add the 20+ pounds of muscle that I want!

I’m not normally one to toot my own horn, folks, but I’ve lost 58 pounds since I started this process; it’s all about portion control and exercise!

Now comes the hard part because those weights are so damn heavy!

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