What to Watch Today instead of NASCAR!

Oh man… my head’s all over the place this morning; prolly because I had a Mountain Dew while waiting for my coffee to brew! First song I fired up today was Berzerk by Eminem because it seemed fitting..

…speaking of Eminem, this past Tuesday he released his 8th studio album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2. It’s absolutely awesome! Produced by Rick Rubin on this one, Eminem does some awesome shit with material by Joe Walsh, The Zombies, Billy Squier and Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders. You should go to Amazon and buy it. Right now!

Anyway, I stopped watching NASCAR a couple months ago because it turned into the WWE of motorsports. No offense to professional wrestling; everyone already knows you’re fake… NASCAR just does a swell job of hiding their fakeness… One part where NASCAR is real, however, is their annual support of veterans around Veterans Day with some cool paint jobs…


… but that’s about it!

Apparently there’s a potentially fixed race around 3:00ish EST today in Phoenix. Instead of watching that you should check out some NFL football!

My Browns have a bye today, but there’s a big matchup between two other AFC North teams; Bengals at Ravens and ya know what’s stupid? I don’t get to see that game, I’m stuck with Bills at Steelers… Who gives a shit about the Bills and the Steelers? They should just air that game in Buffalo and Pittsburgh! Of course I wanna see Buffalo win because I hate Pittsburgh.

Today, however, I’m a Ravens fan. Here in Cleveland, we need Baltimore to beat Cincinnati. This will allow the Browns to get closer to first place in the AFC North. Hell, nearly 80% of the country gets to see Bengals at Ravens. But not me…

Oh yeah… there’s a really cool website you should check out that shows maps of which NFL games are aired in what parts of the country. It’s called 506sports.com. See it HERE.

Another game this afternoon worth checking out is the stupid Broncos at San Diego at 4:25. GO CHARGERS!!!

Here are a couple other alternatives to fake racing:

Figure Skating from Tokyo.

U.S. Womens Soccer team vs. Brazil, featuring forward Alex Morgan…

Alex Morgan Bikini

… and, well, Brazil…

Brazil Double Ass

Oops… I don’t think think those are soccer players…

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