Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Browns at Bengals!


Hoo boy am I excited! It’s November 16th, NFL week eleven, and the Browns are still playing meaningful football! They have a legitimate shot at winning the AFC North! Since the last time the Browns got into the playoffs, 2002, they’ve had an average record of 3-7 (.300) at this point in the season.

We’re sitting at 4-5 (.444) right now. We’d prolly be looking much better if it weren’t for the Brandon Fucking Weeden experiment coach Chudzinski performed. Four of our five losses are 97% his fault as he started and went 90 of 171 (53%) for 957 yards; throwing 4 TDs & 6 picks in those games.

I ain’t even giving Weeden credit for the 37-24 win over Buffalo even though he played the majority of the game after Brian Hoyer went down. Weeden DID throw a 37 yard TD to Josh Gordon in that win, but the other 31 points were scored by K Billy Cundiff (13), RB Willis McGahee’s 1 yard TD (6), WR Travis Benjamin’s 79 yard punt return (6) and T.J. Ward’s pick six (6). And the Bills suck!

Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell are responsible for three of our wins this year going a combined 78 of 127 (61%) for 852 yards; throwing 8 TDs and 3 picks.

Well… Hoyer’s out for the season with a torn ACL and Weeden is benched so Jason Campbell remains the Browns’ starter. Dude ain’t bad at all! His OWN stats for the last two games are 45 of 71 (63%) for 555 yards; throwing 5 TDs and 0 picks.

Tomorrow, the Browns go to Kentucky Cincinnati for a HUGE game against the Bengals. HUGE GAME! A win by Cleveland will put them a 1/2 game behind Cincy for the AFC North!!

So what does Cleveland need to do to pull off another win against Cincy?

Defensively? Same thing they did week 4 when they owned the Bengals in a 17-6 win! Future Hall of Fame CB Joe Haden needs to shut down Bengals WR A.J. Green like he did in week 4. Our D line needs to stop RB Giovani Bernard and the rest of the Bengals running game. I wanna see a LOT of pressure on Bengals QB Andy Dalton. We sacked him twice in the first meeting. I expect more pressure and sacks on Dalton tomorrow as our defense seems to be getting better every week!

Offensively? Hoyer beat Cincy in week 4 but, like I said, he’s out. Tomorrow, it’s QB Jason Campbell under center… He needs to hit TE Jordan Cameron and WR Josh Gordon pretty consistently. A little help from WR Davone Bess would be nice also! The Browns have said they focused on the running game over their bye week. Sounds like it’ll be less Willis McGahee and more Chris Ogbonnaya. I’m good with that!

Speaking of running backs… TRENT RICHARDSON UPDATE! Apparently, dude’s in a sex tape that’s being shopped and they say his penis is gigantic! His stats are not gigantic, however… I don’t miss him since Cleveland traded him to Indy after week 2. He’s currently the 30th ranked back for yards this year (377), 35th ranked for TDs (2), 45th ranked for yards per attempt (3.0) and 102nd ranked for longest run (16). Dude sucks, but at least it sounds like he might have a future in the porn industry… and the Browns get the Colts first pick next May!

I believe we got a chance tomorrow, folks! GO BROWNS!!!

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