Monday Moanin’ ~ Steelers 27 Browns 11….

Campbell Dead

Man does October 3rd seem like a long time ago. Browns defeat Buffalo for their third straight win, resulting in a 3-2 record! Whispers of playoffs begin.

Well forget all that, because this is the BROWNS!

They’ve since lost 5 of their last 6 games. Two because of Weeden’s shitty play, two because of Campbell’s shitty play and yesterday’s combined shitty play by Campbell and Weeden after Campbell got knocked out!

I understand the defense gave up 20 points, but 17 of those points were after turnovers:

We’re only down 10-3 near the end of the first half and RB Chris Ogbonnaya fumbles. Pittsburgh goes 40 yards and is kept out of the endzone by the defense, but kicks a field goal. Down 13-3.

Mid third quarter, Pittsburgh sacks Campbell, he fumbles and gets knocked out. Roethlisberger throws a quick TD. Down 20-3.

Brandon Fucking Weeden comes in to save the day! Lots of boos as he took the field… He engineers a 47 yard drive resulting in a missed field goal.

Next few drives… Steelers punt, Browns punt and then Steelers punt (Actually Roethlisberger punts to our 1 yardline)… It’s turning into a snoozer!

Weeden likes to make things exciting, however. On 1st and 10 from the 1, he throws a beautiful deep pass to WR Josh Gordon for 47 yards!

Okay… we’re not totally out of this! We have roughly 6 1/2 minutes left in the game. If we get into the endzone here we’ll be down 20-10 and still have a shot! Well, Weeden misses on his next couple passes, then gets sacked and, of course, fumbles; recovered by Pittsburgh.

Thank god, our defense stood up and forces a Steelers punt after 3 plays!

Four and a half minutes left in the game! Our chances are slipping away, but there’s still time! On 1st and 10 from our own 20, Weeden throws a pick six.

Down 27-3. Ballgame.

Weeden did throw a short TD to Josh Gordon with a few minutes left in the game, but that was in garbage time… His quote following the game was hilarious:

“I didn’t hear any boos after I threw that touchdown…”

Dude, everyone had already left the game, you jackass, save for some Steelers fans!

There will be no playoffs for the Browns this year…

Hell, we may not even win a game from here on out.

I’ll still watch, however, and cheer them on!

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