Not Even Freakin’ Out about Today’s Game ~ Jaguars at Browns!

The 2-9 Jaguars come to town today. This was one of the games I circled as a certain win early in the season. I’m not so sure now… After losing the first half of the season, they’ve won two of their last three.

I didn’t know anything about this Jacksonville team, so had to look up their roster. Their QB Chad Henne doesn’t look too threatening. RB Maurice Jones-Drew, who used to be a stud, is putting up below average numbers and their starting WR is named Cecil Shorts III! Jacksonville sits dead last for TOTAL offense based on yards. They average only 12.9 points per game!

Our defense should be able to handle this team; and Henne looks like he enjoys throwing interceptions as he’s got 9 in only 8 starts! He’s also been sacked 25 times this season so we need to blitz like crazy!

Oh…. but we need to score points to win! And we average only 18.5 points a game… wait, who’s starting at QB for Cleveland today?

Brandon Weeden Sulkface

…. That’s right, Brandon Fucking Weeden! I make that same face when he takes the field. Weeden’s 0-4 starting for the Browns… we only average 10-5 points a game when HE starts.

Here’s hoping our defense and special teams have perfect games today.


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