How Will the Browns Lose TODAY? Cleveland at New England…

Like me, Rob Chudzinski, grew up in the Cleveland area. Like me, Rob Chudzinski is a lifelong Browns fan! Like me, Rob Chudzinski dreamed of coaching the Browns when he was a young boy.

Unlike me, Rob Chudzinski is now the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Rob Chudzinski TJ Ward

Poor guy!

And this isn’t his first rodeo with Cleveland. In 2004 he was the Browns TE coach and from 2007-2008 he was our offensive coordinator!

Poor guy!

Rob’s nightmare dream continues today as we face the New England Patriots today.

Even though we have a 4th ranked overall defense we’re gonna get shredded by THIS guy:

Yeah, that’s Tom Brady… and he’s good! And he bangs a super model.

We don’t stand a chance!

Go Browns!

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