NASCAR Update(s) ~ Danica Can’t Take a Joke ~ NASCAR is Still Stupid!

Danica Makeup

It’s no secret that Danica Patrick is a horrible race car driver. She ran all 36 races this season and finished 27th in points, a couple spots behind Denny Hamlin, who missed 4 races with a jacked up back, and a couple spots ahead of Tony Stewart, who missed 15 races with a broken leg!

Out of those 36 races, she crashed out of 5 of ’em and only finished on the lead lap in 12 of ’em. Even after winning the pole in the Daytona 500, her average start was 30th place; her average finish 26th.

Most sponsors would leave the sport after dumping money into such an unproductive driver, but GoDaddy remains committed to Danica and her team, Stewart-Haas Racing…. for “many, many years.”

That’s stupid!

Don’t get me wrong, Danica is a talented driver and she’s insanely attractive…


… but she’s better fit for camera shoots than wheelin’ a race car!

She’s also lacking a sense of humor, as evidenced in the video below. Comedian Jay Mohr messed with her at the NASCAR awards banquet this past Friday and her (and her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.) was priceless… check it out…

Its sad that Mohr had to basically apologize to her (watch the entire video) because he clearly upset her. She’s gettin’ special treatment here, folks!

In other NASCAR news….

Y’all might remember, back on February 18th of 2001, Dale Earnhardt died on the last turn of the final lap of the Daytona 500…


…. He died in that 3 car… There hasn’t been a 3 car in NASCAR’s elite Sprint Cup Series since Earnhardt died! There shouldn’t be a 3 car.

NASCAR owns all the car numbers. I believe they should’ve retired the 3 upon Earnhardt’s death. They’ve been sitting on it for 12 years and now, all of the sudden, there will be a 3 car… Austin Dillon’s Chevrolet.


Nothing against Austin… he drives what the owner provides; that would be douchebag Richard Childress, who is also Austin’s grandfather.

I understand Childress and the late, great Earnhardt were great friends, but don’t sell this to me as a way to “honor” his legacy. Everything plastered on those cars, including the identifying numbers, is an effort to make money.

Ya wanna honor Earnhardt Sr? Retire the “3”.

Just another reason to not watch NASCAR…

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