Today’s WTF… Environmentally Friendly Bullets! Chris Rock was Right!

Barack Obama Gun

I smell a conspiracy here! For starters, last August I wondered why various Federal agencies, like the National Weather Service and Social Security Administration, were buying hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Altogether, between several agencies, around a billion rounds were ordered…

Today, when I saw that the last bullet producing lead smelter in the United States will be forced to close in a couple weeks, because of a new lead air quality standard imposed by the EPA, it all made sense…

The feds were buying ammunition knowing that the Obama Administration was going to eventually shut this company down…

The next step in ammunition will be environmentally friendly “green bullets” made with copper instead of lead… wait… WHAT? Bullets, that kill people and animals, need to be environmentally friendly? That makes no sense…

Apparently the Cletuses around this country, who can’t hunt or shoot for shit, dump a bunch of lead into a mountainside while missing a deer by 30 yards; this lead ends up in groundwater, killing eagles, fish and snails!

Also, the U.S. Army has been looking for an environmentally friendly bullet… because nothing says “GO GREEN” like blasting Habib in the chest with a non lead bullet!

Going from conventional lead based bullets to these “green” bullets will do nothing more than increase the price of ammunition.

I guess if the Obama Administration can’t take away peoples’ guns, he’ll just make their ammo less affordable!

Comedian Chris Rock called it…. Skip to the 2:52 mark for the funniest part…

… Wow! Dude was right!

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