Hi-fi Friday ~ Aaron Lewis!


I got into this band called Staind back in the mid ’90s. They’re a kind of alternative, hard rock kick ass band… This is the song that really sucked me in in the beginning… Mudshovel


…makes me wanna run through a brick wall!

The lead singer of Staind is Aaron Lewis who is a fantastic songwriter, guitarist and awesome vocalist. He does a lot of solo stuff nowadays and has made a nice transition from rock to country as is evident here with Endless Summer


… Makes me wanna go back to Myrtle Beach!

Well… Aaron Lewis is coming to Thirsty Cowboy in Tropical Medina next Friday and I’M GOING! The show is now sold out so that place is gonna be packed! I’m pretty excited!

I’m also excited that ForShiggles reader Elaine is going to drive six hours to come see me go to the show with me see Aaron Lewis! She’s hoping to get up close and personal with Mr. Lewis… Keep in mind, Elaine, I’m way more accessible and will autograph anything you want!

Anyway, it’s gonna be pretty fun and I can’t wait!

I leave you with this hilarious video of Aaron Lewis with Pauly Shore performing Staind’s It’s Been Awhile…

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