AFC Championship Thoughts…


Okay… Peyton Manning is a freakin’ genius, no? That dude has forever ran his offense the way he wants; crushing opposing defenses. He did it with Indianapolis and just did it with Denver all season and today against New England…

My Browns wanna interview Denver’s offensive coordinator, Adam Gase, as their next head coach. Gase does nothing aside from filling a position in Denver. Manning is the dude who makes that Broncos offense click and will prolly win the Super Bowl over the Seahawks. I don’t see Gase taking the Browns job as he’s got a sweet job in Denver that requires no real qualifications..

I’m glad the Patriots lost to Manning and the Broncos today… It’s always nice to see Patriots QB Tom Brady cry his ass off!

Tom Brady crying

Of course, Tom is gonna go home and have sex with Gisele…


… so he wins even when he loses!

I’m looking forward to a Seahawks win over the 49ers in this NFC championship game!

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