NFC Championship Thoughts…

Hoo boy that was a great game last night! I’m really not much of a fan of the 49ers or the Seahawks, but I am a fan of the game!

I was hoping for Seattle to win this one mostly because I don’t like San Fran’s QB, Colin Kaepernick. There’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way… NO, it’s not his tattoos because apparently that’s been an issue with some people…

Colin Kaepernick naked

…. OH MY! There’s one for the ladies! I didn’t expect to see that when I Googled him! Quick… I need to see a girl’s ass so I can forget about that picture…

Emily Ratajkowski ASS

… There’s one of my favorite models Emily Ratajkowski… now I’m okay!

I think it’s how he carries himself; his attitude. Yeah, he’s obviously a decent QB, he got them to the NFC Championship! He just ain’t all that in my opinion.

Anyway, Seattle pulled off a nice 23-17 win over San Francisco… It went right down to the wire, too! Seattle had that six point lead with 3 1/2 minutes to go and Kaepernick led the 49ers 60 yards down the field to the Seahawks 18 yardline. With 30 seconds to go, Kaepernick lofts a pass towards the corner of the endzone to WR Michael Crabtree; only it’s knocked down by Seattle’s stud CB Richard Sherman for an interception. Dude made an extremely athletic play to win the game for Seattle.

What happened after the game, however, is what everyone’s talking about. Just go to any sports website and all of it is front page news, I’m talking about Sherman’s wild interview with the beautiful Erin Andrews..I’d post it here but I can’t find a version I can embed.

I don’t understand why people are so up in arms because Sherman gave a candid interview, ripping Crabtree for being a sub par WR! There is nothing flashy about Crabtree at all!

It really pisses me off, actually! A dude just makes a play that sends his team to the Super Bowl, he’s all fired up and gets interviewed seconds after. OF COURSE he’s gonna be obnoxious! I know I would be!

And Richard Sherman doesn’t just talk… he delivers; dude’s one of the best corners in the league… look up his stats… he’s like THE best, so why not talk shit? Trash talk happens on every play of every game in the NFL.

I will say that Sherman is gonna struggle in the Super Bowl.. He’s gonna be covering Denver’s WR Demaryius Thomas, who is a beast and is getting balls tossed to him by Peyton Manning…

I’m calling it… Denver wins this Super Bowl 34-16!

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