Super Bowl Pregame Thoughts ~ Roger Goodell is a Douche!

Roger Goodell Douche

I think that title reads wrong. It reads like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is just a douche before this game. He’s a freakin’ idiot all the time. Check out this video…


He’s basically a white, ginger Barack Obama! Now comes another moment of douchiness for Goodell and the NFL. You’ve probably heard that the Super Bowl is in NY/NJ today. It’s certainly not in New York. It’s definitely in East Rutherford, New Jersey. From this article, the NFL has barred East Rutherford from using the term “Super Bowl” for any of the festivities planned today. I know it seems like no big deal, but it’s stupid! Is that little city really gonna decrease the NFL’s revenues by saying “Super Bowl?” Here’s a quote from the article:

As long as they don’t dare utter “Super Bowl” in conjunction with the event, or use any logos associated with the NFL or the game, they won’t get a visit from high-powered lawyers sent from NFL headquarters on Manhattan’s Park Avenue. The NFL has had a long standing policy which bars unauthorized use of its intellectual property and is known to go after those who violate it with a vengeance in court.

Pure idiocy! Oh well… lets move on…

Now to make myself nauseous… In 2011, my Browns went 4-12 with Colt McCoy at QB. In 2011 the Seattle Seahawks went 7-9 with Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst at QB. Both teams obviously had QB needs going into the 2012 draft.

On April 26th of 2012, with their second pick in the first round of the NFL Draft (their 1st pick, at #3 was wasted on bust running back Trent Richardson), the Browns selected 29 year old Brandon Fucking Weeden…

Brandon Weeden Sulkface

… at #22. Since then, the Browns went 5-11 in 2012 and 4-12 this year. Because of injuries, random benchings and general dysfunction, 4 QBs have started for the Browns in those 32 games: Fucking Weeden, Thad Lewis, Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer…

In the second round, Cleveland selected RT Mitchell Schwartz. Not a bust, he’s been okay for the offensive line but not without some problems…

Cleveland traded away their third round pick for two picks from Denver, ultimately selecting sub par nose tackle John Hughes and linebacker James Michael Johnson (who isn’t even with the Browns any more) with those picks.

Eight picks after the Browns aborted their third rounder ya know who the Seattle Seahawks picked?

Russell Wilson

Yeah.. 24 year old Russell Wilson! After four shitty seasons from ’08 to ’11, Seattle went 11-5 and to the playoffs in ’12 and are in the Super Bowl today!

Technically, Cleveland passed up on Russell Wilson 4 times in that 2012 draft. God I hate being a Browns fan!

So who do I want to win tonight? Seattle, of course, because fuck Denver! Yeah, thanks to my Dad I was born and raised a Browns fan and a Steelers hater, but the Broncos, and John Elway, broke my heart a couple times in the late ’80s with “The Drive” and “The Fumble” ultimately preventing the Browns from advancing to the Super Bowl… so I hate the Broncos too, especially with the horse faced John Elway running the organization…

John Elway

… Man do I hate that dude and his ’80s dominance over the Browns…

Go ‘hawks!

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