Hi-fi Friday ~ Warrant!


Had he not died of acute alcohol poisoning a few years ago, Warrant’s best frontman, Jani Lane, would’ve been 50 years old last Saturday…

R.I.P. man…

Warrant was one of my favorite bands growing up, and their music remains among my favorite to this day.

I had this problem, still do now, in which I’d have certain songs “dedicated” to women. Lots of people do this; sometimes I don’t understand why.

Back when Warrant blew up in ’89, I was dating this hot little red head who had huge boobs. Our relationship, which was my first “long term” relationship spanned Warrant’s first two albums, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Cherry Pie.

That relationship started with this…

… and ended with her whoring around this…

… yeah, at 17 years old, walking in on your girlfriend straddling some ugly, hairy, fat dude 10 years her senior might just leave you with some lifelong trust issues.

Don’t worry folks, I bounced back rather quickly back then and moved on. The next girl got this song as a dedication. You might be familiar with it…

…Oh that relationship didn’t last very long either, but she had a fantastic ass; sorta like the model in the video…

Bobbie Brown

… meet Bobbie Brown! I think I just realized when I went from being a boob guy to an ass guy!

Enjoy your Friday folks!

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