On Burger King and Abortions



  1. The state or condition of being entitled.
  2. A government program providing benefits to members of a specified group; also: funds supporting or distributed by such a program.
  3. Belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges.

For a long time, there has been a debate raging in Congress (and the general public) about more than doubling the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to fifteen bucks an hour.


Why a 103% raise with no expected performance increase?

Not too long ago, one of my friends posted a story on Facebook about someone who works at Burger King and is struggling because they have kids and making $7.25 an hour isn’t cutting it. That person was demanding the Obama raise, by the way. As offending as it is my comment went something like this:

“People who work at Burger King and can’t afford kids shouldn’t have kids.”

My friend responded like a smart ass like he always does:

“Yay forced abortions for everyone…”

Listen, man, sex is cheap but kids are incredibly expensive! I ain’t talking about killing unborn children but if your career involves assembling burgers or stocking shelves at Walmart then you should think long and hard before impregnating your girlfriend or wife… multiple times…

Shame on those people who go on strike from their job cooking french fries and preparing delightful sausage, egg and cheese biscuits asking for that huge raise! Are ya gonna make double the money and make my sandwiches double the tasty?



Didn’t think so…

The other day I picked up McDonald’s breakfast for myself and the rest of the best inside sales team in the software industry. Cost me $23.70. If Julie at McDonald’s and the rest of her team were making $15 an hour that food woulda been well over $60 by my calculations. I love my coworkers and friends, but I ain’t spending that kind of cash on them for some McMuffins and hash browns…

I understand that if you fall on hard times, and you’ve worked hard and paid taxes, you should be able to use government programs to get back on your feet if necessary. It’s just wrong to use tax payers’ money or the government in general as a career… especially not for a “raise.”

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but when I was too young to work a real job I worked at the local fair, cooking onion rings, to make money to buy my first car.

When I was old enough to work I started at the then current minimum wage of $3.35 an hour. Not a good wage at all but back then we weren’t pussies. I was raised to bust my ass to make more money so that’s just what I did. I only made the minimum for a few months before the raises started kicking in. After a couple years I was in management…

When that job fizzled out I moved on to another… and another… ended up in sales against my Dad’s recommendation. For 22 years now, my paycheck has been a direct reflection of my hard work. There are no “raises” in sales; wanna make more? Sell more!

When we started having kids, times got tough; money was tight. So I worked harder. For 5 years I worked two jobs to keep things running as smooth as possible.

My 16 year old daughter works at Burger King. She realizes this is just a starter job as everybody should. Yes, there are opportunities at Burger King, from management all the way to franchise ownership. That’s not what she wants to do, however. She has goals and has geared her education to those goals.

I wish people would stop being so damn lazy…

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