Hi-fi Friday ~ Valentine’s Day Edition!

Valentines Day Ass

I’m NOT a fan of Valentine’s Day… and for good reason. Even without all that shit 8 years ago, I believe today is merely a manufactured “holiday”; a boon for confectioners, condom manufacturers, restaurateurs, florists, Hallmark, lingerie stores and lubricant manufacturers.

I’m not one to be a drag on society, however!

So for all those dudes who will go out of their way today to take their special lady (or guy) out to dinner, cook for them, open doors for them, buy them flowers, write ’em a nice love letter …

…and all the women out there who will give it up because of the above activity or decide to not be crazy be cool today…

…I have a question! Why not be awesome to each other every freakin’ day?

If I could be with my “Valentine” every day, every freakin’ day would be special! Valentine’s Day would be just another day to us!

For those of you couples who will actually celebrate this silly holiday I dedicate this song featuring Tommy Lee and Methods of Mayhem…

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

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