Sexy Saturday ~ Olympic Edition!


I haven’t watched a lot of the Olympics thus far… I think it’s because the games are in Russia. Prior to the opening ceremonies all I heard about were possible terrorist activities in the area and saw some pictures of the deplorable conditions the media and athletes had to deal with… Seriously, loogit this bathroom…

Sochi Toilets

… you mean to tell me someone might have to shit while up to three other people essentially sit there and watch them shit? I don’t even see magazines anywhere!

Also, outside of their jacked up politics and vodka, all I really know about the Soviet Union Russia is what I learned from Rocky IV….

… That damn Russian dude, Ivan Drago, freakin’ kills Apollo Creed and then Rocky has to fly all the way to Siberia to fight him… pisses me off every time.

Don’t get me wrong, even though she played Drago’s wife, I was a big fan of Brigitte Nielsen back then. I was twelve and she was HOT..

Brigitte Nielsen

…. even though she had a Beavis haircut!

Anyway… back to reality!

As shitty as things are in Russia for these winter Olympics, thank God there are some attractive athletes to take the sting away… Lets jump right in, shall we?

Here we have Anna Fenninger, an Austrian skier…

Anna Fenninger ot Cheetah

…. she competes in events called downhill, super-g, giant slalom and combines. I guess she’s painted like a cheetah here because she’s really fast!

Anna Sidorova is a Russian who competes in a sport called curling…

Anna Sidorova Hot

… I’ve seen curling before and don’t quite get it. Looks kinda goofy. Maybe I should watch this stuff so I understand it!

Time for an American here, no? Check out snowboarder Clair Bidez…

Clair Bidez Hot

… Clair is a halfpipe specialist from Colorado… Ha ha! I said, “HalfPIPE specialist from COLORADO!” Get it? Weed is legal in CO, and I believe ALL snowboarders smoke that shit! She’s cute, though!

Here is Kiira Korpi, a skater from Finland…


…oh that’s mean to post that picture, ’cause she’s wiping out.

Here’s a better picture…

Kiira Korpi Hot

YEAH… much better picture, right?

Tina Maze is a Slovenian Alpine skier….

Tina Maze Sexy

… You may have heard about the tie in the downhill event Wednesday. That was Tina Maze and Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin…

Dominique Gisin Tits

Apparently, Maze is quite a badass skier and has gotten into it with other skiers’ teams at times. You can read more about that HERE ’cause I don’t feel like writing about it. She doesn’t get along with U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn..

Lindsey Vonn Bikini

… who is not competing in Sochi because she’t too busy banging Tiger Woods of an ACL injury she suffered a couple months ago.

Last but not least we have United States alpine skier Julia Mancuso…

Julia Mancuso

… who is my favorite because she likes to party.

Julia Mancuso Tits

Wait, all these athletes like to party, I hear. Julia gets pictures, however, and that is awesome!

And for the ladies and men who like men… I guess..

Shaun White

…United States snowboarder Shaun White..

Special thanks to For Shiggles reader Elaine for the post idea!

Enjoy the rest of your Sexy Saturday folks!

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