Hi-fi Friday ~ Faster Pussycat!

Faster Pussycat

The other day at work we were discussing music… specifically our favorite genre. The four of us who were discussing this all decided on the ’80s hair/glam bands as top notch.

The youngest in the group, who didn’t experience the ’80s as she was born in ’93, even agreed! She said, and I loosely quote her, “In ’80s music they said it like it is; not like all this emo stuff today.”

She’s right… Today’s “rock” music, performed by these newer bands, is pretty crappy…

For today, I’m gonna go with a band that was a bit less popular in the late ’80s; but one of my favorites ever!

Faster Pussycat! Been listening to them most of this week; damn near forgot how awesome they were!

Most people know Faster Pussycat because of this song…


… Prolly their best “mainstream” song ever!

Now get ready! This next tune is my all time favorite Faster Pussycat tune. It was never released as a single… This is one of those ones where they say it like it is, Chelsea!

Here’s an excerpt:

I got a psychopathic love
That fits like a glove
My baby bucks like a bronco
When I start to shove
Get your, get your, get your feet up to your ears
Let me slam it home and take me to Rome
And watch me disappear

Here’s a WARNING… Lead singer Taime Downe… read his name again and tell me it doesn’t crack you up (born Gustave Molvik) …  hasn’t aged well from the first video, shot in 1989, and the following video from last October.

~ Slip of the Tongue ~


Good stuff there!

Happy Friday night, folks!


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