Definition of Cat… Continued ~ I Hope the Damn Thing Ain’t Dead…




  1. a small domesticated carnivorous mammal that wanders around and knocks random objects off of shelves, desks tables, etc… and then proceeds to play with these items until they are lost under the couch. synonyms: fucker, asshole, you little piece of shit
  2. a soft furry object that flies about 30 feet and makes really strange noises when kicked

I get home from work today to discover this!


That is my daughters crayon tower. It holds 150 crayons… unless it gets knocked off the fucking table by the stupid cat! Grrr that animal pisses me off!

I yelled at him and he just looked at me with this emotionless brainless stare. Ya wanna know who expressed guilt even though he didn’t make the mess?

That’s right…

Bernie Sad

…Bernie. I’m reprimanding the stupid cat and Bernie puts his guilt face on like HE did it.

So I kicked that damn look right off the cat’s face! Oh he flew good this time!

Bernie and I feel much better now. I’m gonna try not feeding the cat for a few days; maybe that’ll settle him down.

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