Check THIS Out Gun Control Wackos!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I did no research about any recent shooters and whether or not they obtained weapons legally or otherwise to kill innocent people. I’m not obligated to do anything I don’t want to. Feel free to research your favorite shooter and attempt to argue with me about violent criminals. You will lose that argument for sure!

For quite some time now, the Barack Fucking Hussein Obama administration has been attempting to impose stricter gun control in the United States.


Because every once in a while, some nutjob, who, more often than not illegally possesses firearms, will shoot up a school, mall or movie theater. 107% of the time, these attacks occur at locations where this type of sign is present…

Firearms notice

…well DUH! If I were a gun wielding wacko I certainly wouldn’t attempt to inflict terror on an establishment if there was a possibility someone inside could SHOOT ME!

So after 1,866 days of Barack Fucking Hussein Obama essentially forcing communism on this country I love, let’s look to our communist friends in China for a little guidance, shall we?

China Flag

In the People’s Republic of China, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms… most likely to prevent suicide since most Chinese people make 17 cents an hour assembling iPhones or LeBron’s latest shoes. Hell, they even have nets outside their facilities to “catch” potential jumpers…

Foxconn suicide nets

…Anyway, no guns allowed in China, so no shootings, right? Absolutely!

How is terror inflicted in China since no one can have guns? Knives people…

From this story

A group of knife-wielding assailants assaulted people at a train station in southwestern China on Saturday in what authorities described as a “terrorist attack” in which at least 27 people were killed and 109 others injured, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported.

So lemme get this straight. Removing guns from law abiding citizens does NOT prevent acts of violence?


Remember, people, someone who wants to hurt people will find any possible way they can to do so, whether it be bombs, guns or steak knives.

Disarming the legal, general public is not the answer, Barack.

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