Hi-fi Friday is Pissed Off!


I’m not sure where exactly the following quote comes from. It’s been attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt among others in differing versions, but this is the one I like the most:

The best minds discuss IDEAS; the second ranking talks about THINGS; while those of the lowest mentality GOSSIP about PEOPLE.

Yep… those possessing the lowest mentality are all about talking about others. It’s also a sure sign of a major lack of confidence.

This might get me in trouble, but it doesn’t shock me when I hear girls, being all catty, talking shit about other girls and their goings on… I spend way too much time at the bar of the local strip club and have become a shoulder to lean on for far too many silly stories…

What I really struggle with is guys acting like that; just don’t expect it from dudes over 16 years old!

Man… don’t talk shit about your buddies… that’s something ya shoulda learned long ago… in like third grade!

We ALWAYS have your back…

Unless you’re not our buddy, which just might be the case here…

I can’t stand people who talk about me behind my back; then act like they’re my friend. It’s all to common, unfortunately.

Brings to mind a certain Pantera tune that contains these fitting lyrics:

Run your mouth when I’m not around
It’s easy to achieve
You cry to weak friends that sympathize
Can you hear the violin playing your song?
Those same friends tell me your every word

~ Walk ~

Are you talking to me?
Walk on home boy!

I have the utmost respect for anyone who says it like it is… ALL THE TIME! You got something to say about me? Say it to my face! Maybe I won’t like what you have to say but, again, I’ll respect you for your honesty.

Let’s leave the rest of this to Limp Bizkit… ’cause you’re a FAKE!

But I should have never dropped my guard
So you could stab me in the back
But you were faking me out
Just faking me out you wear a mask
Freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit

~ Counterfeit ~

And as Forrest Gump says…

Let’s get this weekend party started, folks!

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