Sexy Saturday ~ Femme Fatales!

Today’s round of sexiness comes to you via my second request in as many weeks!

After I posted what I believe to be one of my better Sexy Saturdays last week, my awesome cousin, K Lo, suggested that I do a post about, “Sexy chicks that could kick your ass!”

I’m always receptive to suggestions, so keep ’em coming! And rest assured that I will not use your real name while posting, ya know, because of that whole NSA spying thing!

Anyway, when I think of sexy, bad ass women, the first one who comes to mind is Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman

… a.k.a. Lynda Carter…

lynda carter scalper

… who has apparently aged incredibly well for being 62 years old and being this hot:

Lyndy Carter Now

WOW! She looks fantastic! Of course she’s had some work done, but who cares.

One of K Lo’s specific suggestions was to include a character named Violet Song Jat Shariff who’s in a movie called Ultraviolet. I’ve never heard of this movie, but Google helped me find Violet:

Violet Song Jat Shariff

Who is played by the insanely attractive Milla Jovovich.

Milla Jovovich Bed

Milla likes to play that sexy badass role as she is also the star in the Resident Evil series of movies. I’ve never seen any of those movies…

Alice Resident Evil

… but I feel I should because there are scenes featuring guns and moist women…

Claire and Alice

Alright folks… here is how my posts sometimes get off track. After I stuck the above picture on here I thought, “WHO is that redhead with Alice? She looks familiar.”

Turns out it’s Ali Larter…

Ali Larter Sexy

…who I remember from Varsity Blues.

Ali Larter Varsity Blues

Mmmmmm… That one made me hungry!

Okay… back on track now! Here we have Elektra Natchios from Daredevil

Jennifer Garner Elektra

…played by Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner

I sorta struggle with Jennifer Garner. I mean, she’s got a bangin’ body… there’s just something about her face… almost looks like a dude sometimes.

Jennifer Garner Sexy

There, much better!

K Lo also suggested I check out Angelina Jolie in Salt. To be honest, K Lo, I couldn’t find many sexy pictures from that flick…

Angelina Jolie Salt

… other than that one, there were a lot of pictures in which she looked like a homeless person…


… about to jack a car!

I prefer my Angie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

Angelina Jolie Lara Croft

… or even as Sara “Sway” Wayland from Gone in 60 Seconds

Sara Wayland

Oh… and the other sexy bitch in that movie?


Eleanor! I’d have a hard time choosing between Sway and Eleanor!

And, oh dear God, lets not forget about the stunning Scarlett Johansson…

… as Black Widow from Iron Man 2

Black Widow

Whew! NICE!

Last but not least, here’s Rebecca Romijn…


… as Mystique from X-Men…

Rebecca Romijn Mystique

There ya go, K Lo! I could prolly go on forever with this post, but gotta stop at some point! Thanks for the suggestion!

OH! For the ladies… and men who like men, since we’re on X-Men, I present Hugh Jackman…

Hugh Jackman

…as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Happy Saturday, folks!

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