What to Watch Today Instead of NASCAR!

Well, well, well. Dear Danica did her best job of not competing last week at Las Vegas and finished 21st! YOU GO GIRL!

She managed to only get lapped once and wasn’t involved in any crashes! I guess finishing a mile and a half back from 1/2 the other drivers is a good day for Danica!

This week, however, is gonna be quite a challenge for Ms. Patrick as they’re supposed to race at Bristol today…


… I love Bristol! It’s a crazy little .533 mile short track that requires intense concentration and balls to compete at, which is why Danica struggles there because she possesses neither!

Hell, she already wrecked in practice on Friday…


… and had to switch to her backup car for today.

Don’t worry about her crashing today though, Danica Patrick faithful, because there isn’t gonna be a race today.

I looked at the forecast for Bristol, Tennessee and it appears as though it’s gonna rain all day today, starting right around now!

Bristol Weather

Check THAT out… now I’m a meteorologist!

Look forward to this race happening sometime tomorrow afternoon or, even worse, on Tuesday.

This creates a logistical nightmare for the race teams, as they have to head to southern California next weekend. In a perfect world, they’d get out of Bristol late Sunday afternoon and return to Charlotte, NC, where most teams are based, Sunday evening.

But if the teams leave Bristol Monday evening or sometime Tuesday, they gotta hustle to get the short track cars back to Charlotte, grab the super speedway cars  and begin the 2,400 mile trek to Fontana, California. That extra day or so causes some chaos.

Race postponements also blow for the fans… NASCAR is different than most sports in that the majority of fans make plans for going to races months ahead of time. A lot of them get to the track a few days early and camp out & party until Sunday’s race.

2006 Daytona 500


Daytona Camping

Yes, that’s my buddies at the 2006 Daytona 500!

If your plans are to leave right after the race on Sunday, but it gets pushed to the next day it’s possible ya might miss the race if your plans aren’t that flexible… Stupid rain!

The officials at Bristol remain hopeful for a race today and released this statement:

By now nearly everyone has seen Sunday’s weather forecast and  expressed questions regarding plans. NASCAR has a nearly 70-year history of working with tracks to get races in on the scheduled date. In Bristol Motor Speedway , we have a  track that dries in less than an hour, equipment here to do it and lights that allow us to go well into the evening. We are very hopeful and fully intend to run the Food City 500 Sunday.  If by chance that does not happen, we are prepared to race Monday at noon. But that is a backup plan we hope to not need.

Woo hoo! “Well into the evening…”

Screw that! I have a date with the NHRA this evening at 7:00 on ESPN2!

Brittany Force

That’ll be eliminations for the Amalie Motor Oil Gatornationals from Gainesville, Florida! GO John Force Racing!!!

If you’d rather not watch NASCAR air footage of track drying all day, ya might check out Rocky III on AMC at 12:30 EST.


“You ain’t so BAD” ~ Rocky to Clubber Lang

It’s funny… I own the Rocky series box set on DVD, so I can watch them any time commercial free, but I’m certain to check in on it today. I can’t help myself! Hell. I watched the above video TWICE just to get pumped up!

If you’re not into Rocky you’re dumb. Instead, check out The Blues Brothers on VH1 today…


Happy Sunday everyone!


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