Hi-fi Friday ~ The Artists Formerly Known as Metallica!


Back when I was 15 or so, I was watching MTV and this video debuted:


I was like, “Holy shit! Who are these guys? Freakin’ awesome! Their stuff makes me want to fight someone!”

It was this band called Metallica!

I went out IMMEDIATELY and picked up the cassette (HA!) that One was on, titled …And Justice for All and played it over and over!

I needed more of this Metallica!

Well, there was no Wikipedia back then so I couldn’t go online… wait… there was no World Wide Web! So my research had to take place at the record store!

Turns out, Metallica had released three albums prior to my discovery of them on MTV; going back 5 years! So I bought ’em all!

Here are a few of my favorite tunes from those releases…

~ Seek & Destroy  from Kill ‘Em All ~

~ Fade to Black  from Ride the Lightning ~

~ Master of Puppets from Master of Puppets ~


For three years after I jumped on the Metallica bandwagon I damn near wore out those cassettes!

Finally, however, Metallica put out a new album in 1991 that everyone knows as The Black Album.. and it didn’t disappoint!

~ Wherever I May Roam from The Black Album ~


Awesome, awesome, awesome shit right there! I could listen to all five of those albums back to back and have a hard time skipping over any tunes…

After The Black Album, however, Metallica sorta disappeared for a few years.

When they returned  in 1996 with the release of Load and 1997’s Reload I was less than impressed… They all cut their hair and looked like some bitches…

Metallica Load

… Like the freakin’ Backstreet Boys!

Backstreet Boys

Problem is, the Backstreet Boys look more badass than Metallica. Ugh!

To be honest, I haven’t really been into anything they’ve put out after The Black Album, save for maybe a couple tunes. This is one I DO enjoy because it’s been featured in all forms of motorsports.

~ Fuel from Reload ~ 


Anyway, in my opinion, Metallica has been soft since 1996 and that makes me sad..

Well, last week they released a new single and I was pretty excited about it. Until I took a listen…

~ Lords of Summer from Shitty Songs I’ll Never Listen to Again ~


With the exception of Fuel, everything I posted above is near seven minutes to almost nine minutes long. While all the older stuff flies by, Lords of Summer just drags on and on. Lars’ drums sound weak at times, James’ vocals are tinny. Is that a word, tinny? I’ll go with crappy. There are also like 6 minutes of bad guitar. I don’t like Lords of Summer. I’d rather listen to:

~ Aerosmith’s Girls of Summer ~


Yes… girls any time! Happy weekend, folks!

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