Sexy Saturday ~ My Name is Earl Edition!

Before things get sexy here let’s celebrate Spring, the first day of which was two days ago! YAY SPRING! Here is how a typical Spring day in Ohio can go. Yesterday morning it was 25 degrees and we got a quick blast of snow…


Just a light dusting, really… but only a few hours later…


…it was sunny and near 50 degrees! Woo hoo! Only 93 days ’til the first day of Summer! Speaking of Summer, I posted this video earlier for Hi-fi Friday…


… and realized I had completely forgotten about Jaime Pressly; who appears in it. She’s hot! Jaime played Joy Turner in the hit sitcom, My Name is Earl.

Joy Turner Jail

Don’t let that goofy picture fool you, ’cause Jaime is quite stunning…

Jaime Pressly Eyes

… she also looks pretty good when shot in black & white…

Jaime Pressly Naked

Jaime Pressly bed

Or the ultimate colors…

Jaime Pressly Hot

She was also pretty patriotic as Joy; stripping dancing at Club Chubby!

Joy Turner

And she appears to be a pretty decent athlete…

Jaime Pressly Volleyball

… but Joy had serious competition on My Name is Earl. That competition came in the form of Catalina Aruca…


… who was the housekeeper at the hotel where Earl lived. Catalina is played by actress and model Nadine Velazquez…


… who is way hotter than Jaime Pressly! Sorry Jaime…

See, I’ve never had a successful relationship with a blonde so, given a choice, I’m going with the brunette!


Nadine fits the bill for sure!

Whoa Nadine


Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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