Hi-fi Friday ~ Candlebox!


This past Wednesday I got pissed off by stupidity, arrogance and general boisterousness.

I’m not one to remain pissed for very long, however. I really don’t like feeling that way, so I always find a way to “shift gears” and get outta that funk so I don’t put someone in a wheelchair!

There are 4 things that tend to calm me down; my three daughters (if ya can believe that!) and music!

Unfortunately, my girlies aren’t with me on Wednesdays so I had to resort to music…

I wanted to listen to something different since I’ve been stuck in this rotation of Eminem, Motley Crue and Van Halen lately, so I went with Candlebox!

Holy shit did I test the ol’ Jetta’s sound system Wednesday after work! That’s one good thing about German cars… you can punish the speakers and they don’t blow! I love my Fords but the damn speakers are shit!


In my opinion, Candlebox is one of those “flash in the pan” sorta bands. Not a one hit wonder by any means, they just went big really fast and then fizzled out after a couple of fantastic albums…

The way their albums charted here in the U.S. pretty much mirrors my interest…

Their first LP, Candlebox, (1993) reached #7… with what is undeniably their biggest hit.

~ You ~


Their sophomore album, Lucy (1995), only hit 11th on the charts… that’s not too shabby at all! This is my favorite from that one.

~ Simple Lessons ~


That was pretty much it for Candlebox because their third LP, Happy Pills, only made 65th on the U.S. charts!

That sorta sucks, because I liked Happy Pills! Still do!

One of my favorite tunes from that album was this:

~ It’s Alright ~


That one always makes me think of For Shiggles reader Elaine!

Anyway… Candlebox has introduced two albums since Happy Pills (from 1998), which I don’t believe I’ve ever listened to!

Maybe I should check into that!

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